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With the rise of new lifestyles, the traditional cabinet retail experience and product architecture are increasingly divorced from multi-dimensional and personalized needs. The high development of the Internet provides more possibilities for people to read beautiful things. The popularity of aesthetic education and the richness of the purchasing channels have made it possible for people to buy online shopping. How to activate the vitality of the store in the relationship between the entity and the virtual, the single and the multidimensional, the traditional and the future, and as an indispensable retail experience in the future.

▼室内空间概览,interior view

▼洽谈空间,Negotiation area

▼透过展示柜,看洽谈空间,looking negotiation area from the window on Display cabinet


In general, in the case of cabinet retail, there are uneven window advertisements and dazzling samples. As a “Facade”, the sales environment is only visual appendages in the marketing means. The disengagement of space environment and product relationship not only weakens the purchase experience, but also adds additional links to sales, most of which need to pass the tedious process of “product atlas selection – a sample visit – purchase product”. In order to simplify the product sales process and create a good shopping experience, the core concept of “overall design” is reconsidered to rethink the relationship between the “space, human and product” three, and the process is simplified as the “see and get” standard. By combining the scale of the cabinet with the proportion of space to form a group of real samples, the structure of the cabinet and the material of the board are applied in the sample according to the actual product standard sold, and people can feel the authenticity of the product intuitively.

▼展示柜和展示台形成直线序列,display cabinets and tables form a straight line sequence

▼模型化样柜形式给个性化定制带来更多想象空间,the model cabinet forms more imagination space for personalized customization


The color of the sample cabinet is presented in pure color, and the model cabinet forms more imagination space for personalized customization, and provides people with rich personalized needs through the difference of the project. In order to create a relaxed and pleasant shopping environment, we weaken the form of “front desk”, and introduce the “Zen” space guidance form as “reception” way to welcome each of the guests. Reception area is not only the area that receives customers but also the area where they work. It is hoped that customers will have a sense of participation in this contradictory space. “Quiet” is also a way of living communication center, through the combination of online customer line activities, breaking the gap between the two, creating a new possibility for the future retail space.

▼接待区,reception hall


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项目设计 & 完成年份:项目设计:2017年9月-10月;项目完成2017年12月
主创及设计团队:设计主持 王聪 设计执行 异向计合
品牌:百隆五金 三星灯源 KD木饰面板

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