Spatial Design of North No. 27 Shouhehuo Restaurant, Beijing, China by DTZW Works

Intimate Relationship between People and Space

Project Specs


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▼建筑外立面,Elevation of the boutique

Located at No.A34 Yard, South Sanlitun, Beijing, the Project was originally built in the 1960s at a small yard of a state-owned enterprise canteen. In order to maintain contacts with its past, we reserve appearance of the old building spatially while adding new materials and design slogans to make the building fashionable in whatever styles.



轴测图及空间细节透视,Axon and detail perspectives

We explore relationship between people and architecture by conveying product ideas, and in terms of spatial line boundaries, we avoid traditional tough knuckle linesconveying uneasiness, and select soft fillet curve to make the viewing more comfortable and smooth, so that people feel at home and affability here.

▼室内一览,Overall view of the project

▼吧台就餐区,Views of bar dining area

▼一层就餐区,View of main dining area on the ground floor

▼地下就餐区,View of main dining area in the basement


The materials selected cater to natural and comfortable relationship in the space. We add new wall materials while retaining original wallsthat are casted withconcrete and stone particlesas a whole. In addition, the atmosphere inside is calm and peaceful against the pieces of terrazzo.

▼连接一层和二层的旋转楼梯,A spiral staircase connecting the first and the second floor


The fillet is visible in every corner of the space whether from architectural design logic or product creation ideas, which provides a safer application. People experience such comfortable services from the service bar to the dining table. More than that, even sharp objects seem soft and tender against the blurry lighting boundaries. It is this peaceful dining atmosphere that once again closes distance between architecture and people.

▼圆角在物体中的应用,The growing of desks


The larger the fillet, the softer of lighting and shadow, and more blurred of boundaries. Objects are softer, and more useful.

▼圆角与人的亲密关系分析图,Analysis of Intimate Relationship between Fillet and People

▼餐椅变的更稳固,带来更多的舒适感,The dining chair is more stable and comfortable.

▼餐厅局部,采用圆角设计,Partial interior view of the restaurant with fillet design

▼建筑立面材料拼接,Different materials used on the facade

▼餐厅logo,Restaurant logo

▼品牌形象,Graphic design

▼一层平面图,Ground floor plan

▼地下层平面图,Basement plan

项目名称:27 手禾火餐厅空间设计
项目设计 &完成年份:2018-2019

Project: Spatial Design of North No. 27 Shouhehuo Restaurant
Designed by: DTZW Works
Project Design & Completion Year: 2018-2019
Creator and Design Team:DTZW
Project Address: No.A34 Yard, South Sanlitun, Beijing
Building Area: 268m2
Photographed by: HOU Songmao
Partner: Noah’s Ark Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

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