An Urban “Shanshui” Space – HEYTEA at The MixC Mall in Nanning, China by BloomDesign

The pure natural space made of stones, wood and water

Project Specs


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“Tea Ceremony is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life. ” — The Book of Tea by Okakura Tenshin



HEYTEA has made tea drinking a very cool and fashionable thing to do, and has attracted more and more young Chinese to embrace tea culture and take tea drinking as a part of their life.

▼喜茶外观及其户外区,exterior view of the HEYTEA and its outdoor seating area


Commissioned by HEYTEA to design a store situated at The MixC Mall, Nanning, China, we tried to figure out a new design concept and approach by taking cues from the origin of tea culture, hoping to bring a new brand image to HEYTEA and present a modern interpretation of the space rooted in traditional tea culture.

▼喜茶室内局部,partial interior view of the HEYTEA

▼喜茶的室内客区,interior seating area of the HEYTEA


残缺之美 | Beauty of Imperfection


Tea Ceremony (all called the Way of Tea) is the spiritual expression of tea drinking, and a worship of Imperfection, which enables people to experience beauty and harmony in the imperfect life. In the space, we utilized a lot of pure natural elements such as stones, wood and water, and adopted austere interior designs, which can arouse customers’ emotional feeling of the pure essence. Even if the interior surfaces are rough and mottled, the aesthetic of nature can still be appreciated from this imperfection.

▼从自助吧台处的入口看室内客区,大量使用“石”、“木”、“水”这些最纯粹最原始的自然元素,viewing the interior seating area from the entrance at the counter, utilizing a lot of pure natural elements such as stones, wood and water


意境之美 | Aesthetic of Artistic Conception


▼入口处玻璃水幕动图,the gif of the curtain of glass and water at the entrance

At the entrance, we designed a curtain of glass and water as a partition. The flowing water makes the space more dynamic and full of variations, and form a contrast of movement and stillness with the rough natural stones, which adds an Oriental Shanshui charm to the space. Large areas in the space are austere and undecorated, leaving customers more room for imagination.

▼入口处作为空间隔断的玻璃水幕,由于水的流动,空间之间的关系变得更加生动有趣而富有变化,the curtain of glass and water at the entrance as a partition, the flowing water makes the space more dynamic and full of variations

▼室内客区局部,留白空间给予了消费者更大的想象空间,partial interior view of the seating area, large austere and undecorated areas leave customers more room for imagination


平凡之美 | Beauty of Ordinariness


As getting used to hustle and bustle, people are more yearn for simplicity and nature nowadays. In this space, we retained the natural texture of materials, be it smooth, rough, exquisite or mottled. Through utilizing austere, primitive and natural elements to interpret the space, we intend to show a return to the plain and pure. And we also hope the simple and unadorned interior design can bring inner peace and pleasure to customers.

▼空间入口处细节,保留了材质的天然肌理,entrance details with the natural texture of materials

▼室内自助吧台细节,保留原石粗糙而斑驳的外表,details of the interior bar, retaining the rough and mottled surfaces of the stone bar

▼室内材料细节,details of the interior materials


We respect nature, and absorb energy from it. Through this project, we wish to share inspirations that we drew from nature with more customers.

▼平面布置图,layout plan

设计团队:邱文娣 廖文杰 赵一川
摄 影:聂晓聪

Project name: HEYTEA at The MixC Mall (Nanning)
Design firm: BloomDesign
Creative director: Li Baolong
Chief designer: Nan Hongtian
Design planning: Chen Xiaohu
Design team: Qiu Wendi, Liao Wenjie, Zhao Yichuan
Project location: Nanning, China
Project area: 181 m2
Completion time: April 20, 2019
Photography: Nie Xiaocong

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