Soft Boundary – Shanghai W0311 Select Store, China by Hangzhou mountain soil Interior Design Co., Ltd

dissolving all conflicts and tensions by blurring the traditional forms of windows

Project Specs


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Urban Framework


▼店铺外观,exterior view  ©稳摄影

Situated at Yard 1361, Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, this project is a sub along-street compound building with total area of roughly 140 square meters. And its predecessor is a hidden tea room. And its overall façade is perfectly integrated with the architectural style of surrounding residential buildings. Due to the shelters of surrounding buildings, its indoor space has relatively low brightness perception.

▼入口,the entrance ©稳摄影

▼室外座椅,the outdoor seating ©稳摄影


Architectural Scale


Our designers have better combined with multiple surrounding environment elements to reposition its entire space. The semi-open arched treatments in entrance areas have made all indoor and outdoor spaces achieve mutual dialogues, as well as existed and interacted into entire indoor environment with each other.

▼柜台区,the reception area ©稳摄影

▼室内休息区,the indoor seating area ©稳摄影

▼从展览区看柜台区,view of the reception area from the display area ©稳摄影

▼展示区,the display area ©稳摄影

▼造型各异的展架,racks in different shapes ©稳摄影


Soft Boundary


In its interior space, we can commonly see various windows with patterns of orthogonal cut corners. And by blurring the traditional forms of windows and applying diversified flexible curves, they better dissolved all conflicts and tensions therein.

▼通向试衣间,connected to the fitting room ©稳摄影

▼试衣间,the fitting room ©稳摄影

▼柔性曲线的门洞,flexible curved door ©稳摄影


Spatial Form


And the large-area white treatments have framed the entire building. And the embedded indoor soft films have also better solved brightness issues in all its basic spaces. And all designers in charge of product-retailing region have well selected various natural forms from a variety of mountains and forests. And by transforming them into multi-form combinations of space columns and planes, all indoor visual spaces have achieved further extensions.

▼细部,details ©稳摄影

▼平面图,plan © 杭州山地土壤室内设计

▼立面图,elevation © 杭州山地土壤室内设计

▼剖面图,section © 杭州山地土壤室内设计

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年11月 & 2021.3月

Project name: Soft Boundary – Shanghai W0311 Select Store
Design: Hangzhou mountain soil Interior Design
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: November. 2020 & March. 2021
Leader designer & Team: Tiantian Dong
Project location: Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
Gross Built Area: 140m²
Photo credits (needs to credit each) Wen Studio
Client: W0311
Brands: art coatings, micro cement,stainless steel.

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