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As a kind of Chinese wisdom, Zen is an important part of Chinese culture. Zen is the highest wisdom in the field of Zen Buddhism. There are characteristics that can not be said, can not be said, and need not be said. The Zen landscape is based on the wisdom of “Zen” and expresses the idea of “empty”. Based on the idea of “empty”, it is advocated that all beings should achieve a kind of detached consciousness. The Small Wild Goose Pagoda is an important part of Xi’an historical and cultural district. It inherits and protects the historical context of the city and integrates historical, cultural, tourism and cultural relics resources. We will build new urban public spaces such as the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Ancient Building Complex, the Tang Cultural Scenery Exhibition Area, the Ecological Site Park and commercial service facilities. The Little Wild Goose Pagoda Cultural Exhibition Center is located in the northern section of Suzaku Street in Xi’an and covers an area of approximately 5,000 M2. Although this Zen land is embedded in this rapidly growing gap in the city, the heavy writing is indispensable comma, is an indispensable green space among the high-rise buildings, is the last poem in the city.



“Thousands of feet of silk fiber straight droop, a wave before the movement with the waves. The night is still water and cold fish do not eat, and the full ship is empty and full of moon and moon. “There is a poem for Gaosengchuanzidecheng in the Tang Dynasty. It is not the material and wealth that really makes the soul and soul rest. It is not vastness of the sky and the vastness of the mountains,morning bell drum, ancient volume green light, participate in Zen practice; But put down persistence, all the edge with the heart, peace and quiet, no desire for no freedom. This plan was inspired by the song “A wave of talent”. Extending the center of the circle, it resembles a water wave, and the space design with the extension and tolerance of the outer pole is expressed. It expresses the thought of the Buddhist family that “one thought is the same as the other” and creates an empty spirit together with the building.

▼庭院以圆心向外延展,形似水波,层层向外, the courtyard extending the center of the circle, it resembles a water wave

▼庭院与建筑一起营造出一种空无的灵境,the courtyard creates an empty spirit together with the building

▼建筑室外走廊,outdoor corridor




The center of the center is a round of moon suspension. It is precisely the metaphor of “full of empty boats carrying the moon and the moon.” “Green green bamboo is all a body of law, and blue yellow flowers are nothing but prajna.”Simple plants can clearly see the reincarnation of life. Philosophy is a return. It is a state of mind and pursuit. The promotion of Zen gardens helps people find a spiritual relief while busy, so that more urban human bodies will “not get out of the city and get the benefits of landscapes, live in downtown and have forest Springs.”

▼立面细部,一轮“明月”悬挂,facade details,  a round of moon suspension

项目名称 / project name:小雁塔文化展示中心景观设计
建筑公司 / company:方土环境规划设计
公司网站 / Website:
联系邮箱 / contact
项目设计 & 完成年份 / Design year & Completion Year:2017.06&2017.09
主创及设计团队 / Leader designer & Team:周鹏坤;朱富强;孙煜皓;焦石;张政廉;许筱杰
项目地址 / Project location:中国陕西省西安市朱雀大街北段
建筑面积 / Gross Built Area:5000㎡
摄影师 / Photo credits:路径
合作方 / Partners:上海秉仁建筑事务所
客户 / Clients:西安城墙文化投资发展有限公司

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