iCloud installation, China by xian architects

An association ritual at the scale of a game

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Xian Architects for providing the following description:


This is a game-like outdoor installation.It creates a bit of magic in the city that delights people.

▼装置概览,installation overview


空间与时间|Space & Time


The installation is located in the central courtyard of Beijing Fun at Qianmen, two kilometers away from Tian’anmen Square in Beijing. Standing within this man-made space and facing the sky, one would instinctively feel an internal calling, from the sky, the omnipresent air, and exit of shackles. Normally on the day of an event, no outdoor event would welcome a rain. Even this time we expect it to exist moreover for rain.

▼计划,Plan(左)▼装置地点,活动日15:00-17:00太阳轨迹,Site, the solar track from 15:00 to 17:00 on the event day(右)





Putting dry ice, the solid carbon dioxide at the temperature of -78.5℃ under room temperature, water in air would condense into tiny water droplets, forming a visible ‘fog’. Within the gullies at the temperature of -130℃ on Mars, there is ice and snow filled with carbon dioxide.The installation is compatible with all possible weather on the day of the event. On a sunny day when the temperature is high, the fog would be heavy. On a cloudy day when the air moisture is high, the fog would be thick. While on a rainy day, when the fog hits water, it would be smoggy.

▼干冰升华特写,A close-up shot of the sublimation of dry ice

▼干冰升华形成的雾气,The fog formed by the sublimation of dry ice





Tie the soft steel cables to the two temporal structures in air at both sides.
Tie multiple reticular structures containing dry ice particles evenly on the steel cables.A limited number of dry ice would sublimate in two hours on a cloudy day with normal temperature.

In the internal test in early morning, there is no crowd, no audience, no security enclosure. Every individual of the executive team was in the deep silence of the center of the city, touching the dark night, the fog and the temperature, touching the stillness, the change, the disappearance, and eventually privacy.

▼活动前夜23:30,结构搭建,At 23:30 on the eve of the event, when the structures were built(左)▼活动日02:30,荷载测试,Load test at 2:30 am on the day of the event(右)



升空|Lifting off

▼活动当日升空的云朵,the cloud lifting off on the day of event


▼iCloud装置与驻足围观的人群,iCloud installation & Onlookers




iCloud incorporates the limited intelligence and pious consciousness of Xian architects. It sends a signal from the daily scale of human beings, that the objective existence of matter and the cosmos environment coexist with human beings, and we regard it as an association ritual at the scale of a game.

▼云消逝后的结构,The structure after the cloud disappears

▼无二白集创始人K在活动结束后的手绘,装裱赠予氙建筑,我们视为对纯粹的期待,This is a sketch from K, the founder of Bazaar in White, who framed this sketch as a gift to xiān architects. We treat this as an expectation for purity


Installation name: iCloud
Design team: xiān architects
website: www.xianarchitects.com
Construction consultation: Liu Su
Sponsor: Bazaar in White, TiensTiens, MUSII Tea
Design and construction: 2018/5/10-20
Photography: Bai Ting, Li Xiangang, Chen Xiyu

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