Teatre de Torredembarra by NAM Arquitectura+NUA Arquitectures

To gradually placing a veil in the current building

Project Specs


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▼剧院外观,exterior view

Interior reform of the lobby, taking advantage of the opportunity to make a rethinking of the operation and program of the building and design of the façade through an external treatment system, a “lined” of the current building that brings a new aesthetic to the whole complex. The proposal is based on the will by the City Hall of Enabling the lobby of the current Teatre de Torredembarra. We believe that the Torrencs deserve much more than a hallway enabled in an abandoned theater. Regardless of its current state and its architecture, the building is now a faulty reference point in a gray period for the history of Torredembarra. We wanted to raise a new concept of building first from a more versatile and versatile program. Do Torredembarra really need only a large theater-auditorium? Why not think of a more versatile building that can accommodate much of the cultural needs of the municipality? We think of small shows, performances, exhibitions, talks or conferences, various workshops, concerts of different formats, artistic events, experimental theater, …

▼新的外立面系统为建筑整体赋予一种全新的美感,an external treatment system brings a new aesthetic to the whole complex


It also incorporates a facade exterior treatment system that will gradually disappear the existing building. A progressive exercise as the different phases are developed to erase the memory of what exists and to represent a new way of doing things at the municipal level. In this way the one posed is a “lined” of the current building by means of a new lightweight and very economical material that will bring a new aesthetic and apparent volumetry in a dialogue between the vacuum and full and without altering the building at the level of Structure, covers and finishes. It is about gradually placing a veil in the current building.

▼入口区域,entrance area


▼可折叠打开的立面系统,a foldable facade system

▼立面内部的口袋空间,the gap between interior space and the facade


Another of the concepts that we have wanted to incorporate is that of a closer and austere image, avoiding bright, noble or bright materials. We believe that the building should represent how we discussed the new ways of doing and we have therefore opted for warm, near, sustainable, low cost and low maintenance materials. Based on wood and galvanized iron plates, our proposal is developed avoiding stainless steels, marble or stucco. The rest of materials such as pavements, ceilings and walls will be painted in dark gray to work like a dark box in the face of the spectacles that can be developed.

▼剧院大厅,theatre hall

▼室内选用了木材和镀锌钢板等温暖、亲切、可持续、成本低且易于维护的材料,warm, near, sustainable, low cost and low maintenance materials were opted for the interior

▼地面、天花板和墙壁均涂以深灰色,其观感如同眼镜盒的深色内壁,the pavements, ceilings and walls were painted in dark gray to work like a dark box in the face of the spectacles that can be developed

▼从楼梯望向大厅,theatre hall seen from the stair

▼楼梯细部,stair detailed view


The signage has been finally incorporated as a dynamic element that, from its installation on the front and indoors, will also allow signaling to make users understand the versatility and richness of this building.

▼立面上的文字标识,signage on the facade

▼既有建筑平面图,ground floor plan

▼改造部分平面图,plan of the project

▼既有建筑立面图,elevation of the original building

▼改造部分立面图,elevation of the project


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