Shute Creative Park, Guangzhou, China by Atelier cnS

Transfer the old glass factory into a creative park, using brick walls to create a modern garden-like space.

Project Specs


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The Site use to be a glass factory, contains of many typical industrial buildings varies in construction time, volume, and material, which housed the former manufacturing plans, warehouses, offices, chimneies, domitories, canteens.


003-Shute Creative Park_cnS     004-Shute Creative Park_cnS

▼改造后外观,external view after renovation

012-Shute Creative Park_cnS


The client, Shute Technology, aimed to renovate the site as a creative industries cluster, which was an integrated office park for industrial design, graphic design, advertisement, showroom, etc. As the former building’s facades were chaostic, and the roads dull and poor, we redefine the whole interface and space scale by replacement, enlargement, and new volume.

▼总平面图,site plan


▼A2庭院,courtyard in A2

006-Shute Creative Park_cnS

▼B1,B4间庭院,courtyard between B1 and B4

007-Shute Creative Park_cnS

▼生活馆,life pavilion

001-Shute Creative Park_cnS

009-Shute Creative Park_cnS

011-Shute Creative Park_cnS


015-Shute Creative Park_cnS

▼ 红砖与绿植  red vs green

002-Shute Creative Park_cnS

013-Shute Creative Park_cnS

014-Shute Creative Park_cnS


To make sure an unified, yet enriched and lively interface, we built a continuous brick wall(the most local material, cheap and convinent), which becomed solid or transperant, strong or weak from time to time, the vines climbed, the light in, The former buildings were enclosed, opened, redefined, there comed plazas, courtyards, gardens, pavilions, thus we made a morden park in office buildings.

▼砖墙,brick wall & B1外扩围合界面引入天光和种植到室内,the extended enclosure of B1 let in sunshine and greening

016-Shute Creative Park_cnS     017-Shute Creative Park_cnS

▼A1平面,A1 plan


▼B1立面,B1 elevation

019-Shute Creative Park_cnS

▼轴测图,axonometric drawings

020-Shute Creative Park_cnS

021-Shute Creative Park_cnS

项目团队:宋刚 钟冠球 朱志远 蔡嘉彬 涂思典 梁善斐

Project Name:Shute Creative Park (Renovation of Dawen glass works factory)
Location: Panyu , Guangzhou
Area: Architecture 20000 sqm
Team: SONG Gang, ZHONG Guanqiu, ZHU Zhiyuan, CAI Jiabin, TU Sidian, LIANG Shanfei
Design Period: 2013- 2014
Construction Period: 2014- 2015
Photograph: ZHONG Guanqiu

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