CAL XICO Re-inhabiting in Spain by Nuria Salvado Arquitectura

Turn historic building into a private institution, minimal intervention on the original space while bringing new uses into it.

Project Specs


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Solà基金会委托建筑师运用最基本的手段将闲置多年的Cal Xico改造成民间机构,在尽可能保留建筑的原貌的前提下引入影响最小的新功能,使这里重新获得生机。

No one had been living in Cal Xico during many years, until Solà Foundation planned its re-inhabiting, with the objective of bringing it to life again, but with the minimum means. All the actions consisted in maintaining the past as much as possible and make the new uses possible with the minimal intervention.

▼一层楼梯,stair in first floor

001-Cal Xico_nuria salvado


We first imagined how was that life, thinking in every one of the rooms. A place where to show and to keep the wines on the basement. In the old stable we could find the history workshop. Just over the straw loft, in a low rise space, took place the games workshop, were the traditional games would be recovered. An information workshop on the intermediate floor. On the second floor, the one with the most complex arrangement, we imagined the letters workshop, and the taste workshop, in order to recover the culinary culture of the region. And finally, a body workshop on the attic, focused on music, traditional dances or theatre.

▼建筑二层,second floor

002-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

003-Cal Xico_nuria salvado


In order to get to maintain the arrangement interpretation and the house life, we worked in the most singular case, on second floor, maintaining the partition walls suspended to remind how the floor had been fragmented. And so step by step, and in a traditional way and with a long process, we got life back to the house.

▼原有隔墙悬于空间之上,提示曾经的房间分隔,maintaining the partition wall suspended to remind the origin rooms

004-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

005-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

▼保留并加固的木梁,original wood girder being maintained

006-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

▼砂石和水泥覆盖的墙面,wall surface with sand and cement

007-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

▼功能分析图,program analyisis

008-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

▼平面图,剖面图和细部,plan, section and details

009-Cal Xico_nuria salvado

Architects: Núria Salvadó & Aïda Espanyol, Esteve Aymerich, Inés de Rivera & Ton Salvadó
Collaborators: Kerstin Strüwind, Maria Campos
Photographs: © José Hevia

Drawings: Nuria Salvado Arquitectura
English text: Nuria Salvado Arquitectura
Chinese text: gooood

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