Midtasen skulpturpark in Norway by Lund Hagem Architects

A sculpture pavilion built by light concrete, playing down itself in relation to the nature.

Project Specs


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Midtåsen is located on a hill above Sandefjord, with spectacular views of the city and the fjord. The main gate is located about 2 km from the city centre. Entering the grounds the access road leads up through a beautiful beech forest revealing in addition to the buildings, a terraced park adorned by sculptures, old oak trees and beautiful plants.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building

001-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler

▼将人引向建筑入口的小道,path leading peoplt to the building entrance

002-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler


The sculpture pavilion at Midtåsen is designed as an expansive walk with light concrete walls and glass, creating a form which in many ways reflects the site’s topography as well as emphasizing movement, direction and a sense of wonder. The building’s geometry surrounds and reinforces the adjacent hill shape to the west and help form an exterior space which can be used for small gatherings. The pavilion opens up to the south with large panoramic windows capturing views towards the surrounding countryside, the city and the fjord. Three different zones: the entrance, an in-between space and a final open main room make up the pavilion. Varying floor heights help reinforce the different zones, and encourage visitors to wander and view the sculptures from the different levels.


Midtåsen_plan, 1 to 100@A3_black_1

▼西侧室外集会空间,exterior space for small gatherings

004-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler

▼南端的玻璃,large glass at the south end

005-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler


In accordance with the artist’s aspiration, the building consists of rooms where the sculptures can be experienced all together, as well as separate in space. The artist’s desire for a light and neutral backdrop for his sculptures as well as a wish to play down the new pavilion’s presence in relation to the existing grounds further informed the choice of materials and use of light concrete. The concrete is slightly lighter than the usual grey type that one often associates with concrete. The result accentuates the main form of the pavilion through individual indirect illumination of the sculptures, a system developed in close collaboration with the artist and consultants.

▼以自然为背景的展览空间,exhibition space with natural backdrop

006-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler

007-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler

008-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler     009-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler


Light filtered through the surrounding pine forest in combination with the opaque ceiling, the differentiated translucency of the glass walls and the ever changing surrounding landscape and seasons all make up a unique environment of contemplation where the sculptures can be viewed.

▼不同季节中建筑的光影,light in different seasons

010-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler

011-Midtasen skulpturpark_Berrel Berrel Krautler

▼总平面图,site plan

Midtåsen_site plan with scale bar_black_2

▼北立面图,north elevation


Name: Midtåsen skulpturpark
Client: Sandefjord Municipality
Completed: 2009
Size: 200 m2
Location: Sandefjord, Norway
Photographers: Erik Stening, Nils Kavlie-Borge and Sam Hughes

Drawings: Lund Hagem Architects
English text: Lund Hagem Architects
Chinese text: gooood

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