Shenzhen Longhua Greenway Yangtaishan Section, China by LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd

Towering Mountain and Spectacular Stream, Standing High and Gazing Far

Project Specs


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Introduce of Longhua Greenway



The Longhua Greenway is constructed to realize the harmonious human-nature coexistence and accelerate the development of Longhua District’s iconic images: “Modernization, Internationalization,”. The Longhua District is mountain-fringed, possessing abundant ecological resources; therefore, on the premise of the principles “priority of economization, priority of reservation and priority of natural recovery” , the Longhua Greenway is established with world-class standards as a most beautiful, most ecological and most diverting “Longhua Green Ring”。

The Longhua Greenway is one hundred and thirty-five kilometers long, including four major thematic segments: the portal demonstration section, the urban vitality section, the humanistic experience section and the ecological leisure section. The Greenway route, combined with the landscape of massif, reservoirs, rivers and park green lands, includes seven forest parks/suburb parks, fourteen major reservoirs and water bodies; beside, it concatenates eight major scenic spots, fifteen major cultural attractions along the way, as well as other forty urban parks/community parks in Longhua。The Greenway main-line is seventy-four kilometers, in the form of a large ring-road around the Longhua District, together with twenty smaller rings branching off of the main-line, measuring ninety-eight kilometers in total. This loop-de-looping design with multi-functions can meet various of travelling requirements, such as cycling, hiking, walking, mountaineering, parent-child leisure, and sightseeing.

▼绿道南段鸟瞰,aerial view of the south section of the greenway


Introduction of the Yangtaishan Section

羊台山段北起大浪石凹水库,接大水坑段,南至布九窝,接绿谷公园段, 途经羊台山森林公园,环绕赖屋山、冷水坑、高峰三大水库,全长19.82公里(其中城市段连接线长4.5公里)。

Starting from Dalang Shi’ao Reservoir in the north, the Yangtaishan section, with a total length of nineteen thousand eight hundred and twenty meters (including an urban section connecting line of four thousand and five hundred meters), links to Dashuikeng section, finally reaching Bujiuwo in the south, connected to the Green Valley Park section. Along the way are Yangtaishan Forest Park and three reservoirs—Laiwu Mountain, Lengshui Pit and High Peak—surround by the Yangtaishan section.

▼羊台山段节点分布总图,layout of Yangtaishan Section


With the advantages of rich natural resources including reservoirs, valleys, rocks, springs and so on, this section is designed as a wild greenway, themed by “Towering Mountain and Spectacular Stream, Standing High and Gazing Far”, where travelers can experience climbing high to survey water scenery, enjoy the sight of stones and fountains, and explore valleys and streams。There are altogether eighteen scenic spots along the Yangtaishan section: Trails in Bamboo Grove, Butterfly Valley, Lansheng Terrace, Crouching Dragon Hidden Egg, Panoramic Viewpoint, Mystic Valley, Seven Immortals Spring, Jade Forest Bay etc。

▼桐花坡,Vernicia Brae

▼竹径通幽,Trails in Bamboo Grove

▼蝴蝶谷,Butterfly Valley

▼蝴蝶谷驿站,Butterfly Valley Station

▼揽胜台,Lansheng Terrace

▼卧龙遗蛋,Crouching Dragon Hidden Egg

▼山水连城,Panoramic Viewpoint

▼云溪谷,Mystic Valley

▼明镜台,Mirror Terrace

▼七仙泉,Seven Immortals Spring

▼玉林湾,Jade Forest Bay

主创设计师:姜萌、程冠华、Michael Patte                               
合作方:深圳市市政设计研究院、深圳市翰博景观及建筑规划设计有限公司 、中国瑞林工程技术股份有限公司

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