TUESDAY AOYAMA, China by MADA s.p.a.m.

An anti-gravity suspended gold box is formed to divide the space into several different elevation area

Project Specs


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TUESDAY AOYAMA成立于东京青山,2018年在西安开设了国内首家实体店,位于西安曲江区核心地段南湖旁的W Five Park,与W酒店同属万众国际。它是一个多领域营业业态融合再创新的复合店,经营内容包含了法式甜点、高端定制花艺及以鸡尾酒为主的酒水。虽然业态多样,但是我们希望最终可以呈现出一个干净纯粹的状态,固然需要摒弃部分展示内容,更为重要的是希望通过空间的氛围或者尺度等细节手法来改变空间内消费者的心理及行为,使其达到某种程度的放松和开放等心理变化。

TUESDAY AOYAMA is established in Aoyama, Tokyo. In 2018, it opened its first physical store in Xi'an. It is located in W Five Park, beside the South Lake in the Qujiang District, and belongs to Wanzhong International. It is a multi-disciplinary business complex that combines innovation, with French desserts, high-end custom flowers and cocktail-based drinks. Although there are various formats, we hope that we can finally present a clean and pure state. Of course, we need to abandon some of the displayed content. More importantly, we hope to change the psychology and behavior of consumers in the space through the details of the atmosphere or scale. Make it to some degree of psychological change such as relaxation and openness.

▼室内概览,interior view


The on-site space is the height of the design interlayer, and the top surface is two elevations of 1.3 meters. Under the premise that all spatial scales are reasonable, we have chosen the interlayer on the lower side for the purpose of locating the space. There is enough contrast to achieve visual impact and different experience at different spatial scales. Finally, an anti-gravity suspended gold box is formed to divide the space into several different elevation area.

▼设计分析,design analysis


▼内部空间轴测,axonometric drawing

After entering the indoor hollow area through the building corridor, it is obvious. Intuitively feel the high hollowness of the interior, followed by the bottom of the interlayer weakens the oppression of the area and enhances the illusion of space and the space through visual illusion. The concept of solid corners is broken in the formation of the wall, and the agility between multiple space is formed. Such a rich and illusory feeling is the experience we hope to bring to every consumer.

▼大厅座位区域,lobby seating area

▼镜面材质增强了空间的虚幻感,mirror material enhances the illusion of space


In the position of the stairs, it is also hidden behind the bar, and it is not designed to be open, but the obvious material contrast also makes it a subtle and high-profile unique temperament exists in the space.

▼吧台背后的楼梯,stairs behind the bar

▼设计细节,design detail



甲 方:西安亚瑟吉恩艺术文化传播有限公司
设 计 方:马达思班(MADA s.p.a.m.)室内班

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