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Warm in winter and cool in summer

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该项目位于西澳大利亚的巴瑟尔顿,坐落在建于1865年的著名长栈桥(Long Jetty)的起始端。这是一家独立的商业啤酒厂,基地内包含存储、研磨、酿造和罐装设施。建筑设计有意地反映出这里既可以制作啤酒又可以举办庆典。所有服务设施和公共空间均围绕酿酒工序设置。

Shelter Brewery is located in Busselton, Western Australia and is sited at the foot of the famous mile long jetty originally dating from 1865. The place is a self contained commercial brewery with all storage, milling, brewing and canning facilities contained within the site. The aesthetics of the buildings purposefully reflect the functionality of the fabrication and the celebration of beer. All of the hospitality facilities and public spaces wrap around and embrace the brewing process.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Rob Frith

▼近景,closer view © Rob Frith


The steel frame and Coreten cladding were employed for economy, speed of construction and to reference the manufacturing idiom of not just the brand but also the rich history of the site, spanning from 19th century whaling to Sandalwood exportation. The large volume naturally vents courtesy of the reliable sea breezes and the large openable doors and windows. In addition the 6.3m diameter HVLS fans provide air movement whenever required. Winter comfort is delivered from the centrally heated concrete floor. Shelter Brewery operates at 80% solar power.

▼主立面,main facade © Rob Frith

▼耐候钢表皮,corten steel cladding © Rob Frith

▼大型可开启门窗,large openable doors and windows © Rob Frith


The beach side north facing building is fully designed around passive solar principles. In this location, the unrelenting Australian sun journeys between a low 35˚ winter solstice to a near vertical 80˚ summer peak. The building has therefore been designed with large north facing glazed areas and wide verandahs to provide comprehensive summer sun shading and conversely deep winter sun penetration.

▼北立面,north facade © Rob Frith

▼大面积玻璃窗和宽阳台,large glazed areas and wide verandahs © Rob Frith

▼近景,closer view © Rob Frith

Shelter Brewery这座滨海建筑受益于其独特的地理位置,共可容纳650人,分层设计创造出多样的空间,既有适用于大型聚会的空间,也有更加小巧且私密的空间。

Shelter Brewery is a beach side building designed to benefit from it’s unique location. The 650 capacity venue is layered to offer various and variable spaces suitable for both larger gatherings as well as providing smaller more intimate spaces.

▼餐饮空间与酿酒设施共存,coexistence of dining space and brewing facilities © Rob Frith

▼罐装设施,canning facilities © Rob Frith

▼多样的餐饮空间,various dining spaces © Rob Frith

▼钢构架与巨大的窗户,steel frame and large windows © Rob Frith

▼夹层空间,mezzanine © Rob Frith

▼暮色下的酒厂,Shelter Brewery in the twilight © Rob Frith

▼夜景,night view © Rob Frith

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