House OS by 1-1 Architects

Three roofs cover three types of lands

Project Specs


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It is a plan for a two-family house for the owner who runs a tropical plant farm with the whole family. In the countryside of Japan, legal farmland and residential land are adjacent to each other and are mixed. The owner of this project also purchased a site consisting of three types of land: “residential land”, ” farmland (with a road)” and ” farmland (without a road)”. At first glance, these lands seem to be one, but there is a strong invisible borderline between neighboring lands as stipulated by law.

▼住宅外观,exterior view © 1-1 Architects


▼设计分析:在邻近三块土地边界的位置分别建造三座符合各自土地法规的建筑 © 1-1 Architects
diagram: separate buildings were built on three sites to comply with the laws of each of the three lands

By focusing on the borderline of the neighboring land, we propose a new landscape of rural farmland and residential land. Therefore, we built separate buildings (houses, agricultural warehouses, greenhouses) that comply with the laws of each of the three lands, just near the border of the adjacent land. With this layout plan, the outer shape of one building is completed while jumping over the boundary of the site. As a result, the borderline of the neighboring land disappears, and the owner can live like a house built on one big land. On the other hand, to show that the land of each building is different, we designed a very narrow gap between the three buildings.

▼屋顶视角,roof top view © 1-1 Architects

▼体量之间设置了狭窄的缝隙,a very narrow gap was designed between the three buildings © 1-1 Architects

▼农地之一被用作温室,green house area (farmland) © 1-1 Architects

▼起居空间和温室,living area & green house © 1-1 Architects

▼餐厅,dining area © 1-1 Architects

▼另一侧的农用仓库,the agricultural warehouse on the other side © 1-1 Architects


In the gap, a new borderline of the adjacent land is drawn due to the environment such as light streaks, raindrops, and wind escape.  In this plan, we designed life connections and new landscapes and phenomena that transcend the constraints of land.

▼自然元素融入日常生活,natural elements integrated to daily life © 1-1 Architects

▼夜景,night view © 1-1 Architects

▼平面图,plan © 1-1 Architects

▼剖面图,section © 1-1 Architects

Tiltle: House OS
Location: Aichi, Japan
Main use: House
Structure: Wooden
Site area: 354.93m2
Building area: 166.79m2
Total floor area: 166.79m2
Design period:May 2017-October 2018
Construction period:November 2018-June 2020
Design: 1-1 Architects(Yuki Kamiya + Shoichi Ishikawa)
Structure: Komatsu Structural Design
Construction: Hirata Building Co., Ltd.
Landscape: Takumi Sugiyama

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