Shanghailander, North Lingling Road, China by OFFICE COASTLINE

an open-sided Kiosk café, where all community members and parents can enter and spend their time freely

Project Specs


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这是位于上海零陵北路延街的咖啡厅“聚福 Shanghailander”的室内设计。

Shanghailander has opened up its third café and bakery on North Lingling Road. The eclectic interior design is a result of both Shanghailander’s signature style and its willingness to embrace the neighborhood.

the exterior view ©Alessandro Wang


A Kiosk Café Across From the Primary School


Located in the corner of a residential area, Shanghailander is one of the ground-floor shops trimming the high-rise buildings behind. Right across the road stands a primary school. At the beginning and end of each school day, the street is always bustling with schoolchildren and their parents. We therefore decided to create an open-sided Kiosk café, where all community members and parents can enter and spend their time freely. A counter is set up at the center of the interior. The street-side facade is defined by wooden frame folding doors and windows, which are kept open in fine weather, connecting the space within and without.

wooden frame folding doors and windows ©Alessandro Wang

view of the counter through the door ©Alessandro Wang


Triangular Counter Under the Arched Roof


counter plan ©一岸建筑设计

The centerpiece inside the café is a triangular counter with edges measuring 3.6 meters in length, a product of careful discussions between us and the director of operations. Each side of the counter is subject to a specific use, thus maximizing the workflow efficiency for the barista. Above the counter is an arched roof made of steel, which remains visible from a distance. As a micro-architecture inside the space, the roof is independent from the counter, displaying the sheer beauty of its curved silhouette and accessible structure. Its color scheme takes cues from the walls of the primary school, and uses coral colors to create a sense of warmth and familiarity. Echoing the shape of the roof, customized lamps are installed across the walls.

the triangular counter ©Alessandro Wang

one side of the triangular counter ©Alessandro Wang


Prolonged Wall That Welcomes All


The caramel-colored wooden paneling runs in parallel with the central counter and stretches forward in horizontal direction, taking a shallow turn at the corner. The original horizontal lines on the buildings’s ex-terior are continued and extended inside. They encircle the door handle, delineate the menu slot, embel-lish the back of the bench, and guide towards the restroom. Along the same lines, mirrors are installed on the wall by the entrance, reflecting the street view. These geometric formations draw our eyes to the café and invite the pedestrians to walk inside.

dining area by the window ©Alessandro Wang

the continuous wooden bench ©Alessandro Wang

detail ©Alessandro Wang


Parents can enjoy coffee or pastries here while waiting for their children to return. It is our hope that this café will become a shared space for the local community and an organic part in people’s daily life.

toilet at the end of the room ©Alessandro Wang

plan © 一岸建筑设计

项目名称: 聚福 零陵北路店
地址: 上海徐汇区零陵北路23号
项目设计 & 完成年份:2020,07-2020, 12
面积 : 51 sqm
摄影师: Alessandro Wang             

Project name: Shanghailander, North Lingling Road
Leader designer & Team: Akihito Matsushita
Location: 23 North Lingling Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Design year & Completion Year: 2020,07-2020, 12
Area: 51 sqm
Photographer : Alessandro Wang
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