Shanghai Tengyuan Science and Technology Park, China by Slow Coral Design

Modern working place renovated from an old factory space

Project Specs


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▼改造后的空间,interior view after renovation

The project is located in Minhang District, Shanghai, east of Provincial Road, Qilu Road, and across the provincial road, Dongting Business Plaza, the commercial district. South of Fujian Fujian Hotel (commercial area). Both the north and west are residential buildings, and the population is large. Originally an abandoned industrial plant, based on the principle of fully understanding and respecting the space texture and long-span space characteristics of the site, the cost control is the transformation strategy, and the old factory space is opened through reasonable arrangement of the open-air courtyard and the skylight. The rhythm and flexible organization conveys a new generation of office concepts that are naturally friendly and open to sharing.

▼场地原貌,Original appearance


The west and north sides are surrounded by residential areas, and the natural visual experience, lighting, and vegetation are relatively poor. The east view has strong extensibility and good daylighting, which is suitable for far-sightedness and good visual experience. The southern city road has good vegetation, good lighting, and good visual and resident experience. To improve the visual experience on both the west and the north, it is necessary to carry out inward adaptive treatment of the space, such as the introduction of an open-air courtyard. The east lookout visual activity is suitable for the second floor. The climate and vegetation in the south are good. Suitable for passing pedestrians.

▼改造后建筑鸟瞰,Architectural aerial view


Different from the general function as the design principle of the main body, this renovation case is based on the courtyard space in the traditional courtyard as the first organizational element, surrounded by four sides and flexible layout of various functional areas, aiming to provide sufficient staff for the intense work. The venue for the event. The core of the humanistic culture of innovative enterprises is coming to the fore.

▼建筑表现,以深红色砖块,黑色钢结构,大量留白为元素使建筑更富工业感。Architectural performance, with deep red bricks, black steel structure, a lot of white as an element to make the building more industrial



Respect the original industrial space culture, the interior uses gray cement self-leveling and black steel, the material color echoes the building, and finally realizes the balance and unity of the overall space.

▼共享前厅,Shared front desk


The comprehensive office area is jointly used by Tengyuan Group Headquarters and its subsidiaries, Ruizhong and Minda. The function distribution needs to meet the open office area, share the front hall, multimedia conference, small seminar area, independent office, product exhibition hall, shared book bar tea bar and so on. I hope that with the concept of “industrial wind with temperature”, we will create an office with both individuality and practicality.

▼通往办公区的过道,Aisle leading to the office area


▼以水泥和黑碳钢为主体元素的开放式办公区,Open office area with cement and black carbon steel as the main elements

▼空间细部,Space detail

▼运用黑色铁线条作为共享水吧区隔断, Use black iron lines as a shared water bar partition


▼独立办公区,Independent office area

▼空间细部,Space detail

▼玻璃随着光影变化,Glass changes with light and shadow


▼功能分析,Functional Analysis

▼一层平面图,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018.9-2019.5


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