Sculpture Walk, China by WUY ARCHITECTS

build a sculpture walking field with design language

Project Specs


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前言 | Introduction


The space is the shell, the wall material is the beginning, the coherent shape and the depth are outlined. That is what you see, It is used design language to build a sculpture walking field. And to explore the essence of business format.

Indoor space overview ©吴昂


以壁塑形Shape with the wall


Starting from the wall materials of the business form itself, consider the spatial layout. Put the wall material into the wall according to the order, so that it has the functions of moving line differentiation, display and decoration.

Gallery wall material display ©吴昂


The arc wall, such as sculpture, is covered with red art paint. The radian tilts upward to outline the depth of space. At the same time, it is also a device to separate the functions of space. The passing crowd follows the open line and strolls inside the space.

Looking at the sculpture wall from the outside ©吴昂


装置语言 | Device language


Material, condensing spirit and function. Based on the basic function, it is not limited to other uses of the object. Triangle installation is an art installation, a reception desk, or a multi person discussion area.

Triangle reception desk ©吴昂


The semicircular wall plays a morphological function and forms an entrance together with the arc sculpture wall to attract people. Meanwhile, the other side is enclosed into a small reception and negotiation area, and the storage cabinet is hidden into the structure.

Looking at the sculpture wall from the reception area ©吴昂

Small negotiation area from the outside ©吴昂


Black desktop and yellow arc, color confrontation, light and dark contrast, enrich the visual tension of the original and simple space.

Black desktop and yellow arc background ©吴昂


白盒子 White box


Through the arc wall, the public negotiation area is displayed in front of you. The table is like growing out of the ground. It is treated with micro cement, and the visual feeling is harmonious and unified.

List of public negotiation areas ©吴昂


Place a white box deep in the space. The interior integrates the actual space simulation of wall materials, including small leisure area and toilet.

Stair steps leading to the white box ©吴昂


The interior is made of micro cement, set off by the lamp belt, and the light is soft. The space presents the feeling of modesty, simplicity and silence in the aesthetic color of silence.

List of small leisure area and toilet simulation space ©吴昂

Details ©吴昂


Outside the white box, an interesting channel is formed through the wall, which is narrow and retracted. The surrounding open structure brings strong exploration, different scenes, coherence and fun.

People walk in the passage ©吴昂

detail ©吴昂

Floor plan ©无研建筑设计


Project Name: Sculpture walk
Design company: WUY ARCHITECTS
Project address: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
Project owner: Herges Import Wall material
Building area: 130 ㎡
Host Designer: Suvan
Lighting designer: Zhou Qichang
Project completion time: June 2021
Photographer: Wu ang
Text: YOKO
Main materials: Micro cement, art coating, emulsion paint

更多关于:WUY ARCHITECTS on gooood


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