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Define the fields with different materials

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The project is for a young couple with a two-year-old child. The owner has lived in the foreign country for a long time, having the special feeling for the neighborhood of Xindian River, where he used to live in the childhood. So he chooses Xindian District as the home for them and their child.


▼天花以弧形的手法将空间提高,the arc technique of the ceiling will elevate the space

▼细部,detailed view


▼从起居室望向厨房和餐厅区域,kitchen and dining area seen from the living room


▼用餐区,dining area



In the space of nearly 125 square meters and three meters high, the first to overcome is the over-low steel girder and main pipe. So for the design of the ceiling, we adopt the concept of “deconstruction” to separate the steel girder and ceiling so that either can exert its function independently. The arc technique of the ceiling will elevate the space. The low point of the arc can be equipped with the solid facilities.

▼儿童卧室,kids room

▼主卧室,master room

▼宽裕的活动空间,a large space for activity

▼衣帽间,dressing room



▼现代元素与自然元素的结合,an integration of the modern elements and the natural elements

The setting of the style is based on the modern elements favored by the male owner and the natural elements favored by the female owner. The difference in style brings us a lot of inspirations. Like “deconstruction,” different styles can exist separately. We make the ceiling, the wall, and the floor independent and define the fields with different materials. For example, different floor materials are used in the living room and the bedroom while the wall material connects the whole space to lower the independent feeling. In the open space, we create the field spirit. With the technique of extension, the floor is extended to the wall, and the wall is extended to the ceiling to create the space integration and the visual tension.

▼主人浴室,master bathroom


Work/ KC design studio
Project Leader/ Chun-ta, Tsao Kuan-huan, Liu
Area/ 38P
Location/ Taipei, Taiwan
Project Year/ 2018

More:KC Design Studio。更多关于他们:KC Design Studio on gooood

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