Escarpment House by Atelier Andy Carson

Framing the scenery.

Project Specs


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The project lies on 60ha of open field running dairy cows, with green rolling hills to a coastal lagoon, beach and ocean beyond. The response to the project, chiefly came from the clients brief to provide a modest two bed guest house that had a simple farm shed like appearance. The design explores the vernacular steel portal frame building typology in a highly refined and detailed way. The simple rectilinear floor-plan aligned with the long edges facing North/South, set up a strong primary axis as these also make best use of the ocean views to the south side and pastoral views to the north. At the point of entry, a framed view through the building to the ocean on the south side is formed.

▼栖居在自然风光中的住宅,house in the open field


The project utilises north and south decks as ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ outdoor space to enable the occupants to use the building mass as sun or wind protection moving to each side as favoured. The local cultural significance of metal shed dairy structures (many of which in view of the project) and iconic green rolling pastures in a seaside setting, is honoured and further explored.

▼南北走向的建筑外貌,the North/South facing building

▼金属牛棚状外观,the metal shed dairy structures


The site positioning offered a significant view towards the nearby dairy with the setting sun over the escarpment offering a unique user experience. The whole western facade is operable with a system of large operable panels employed to regulate light and views. The system provides dramatic light effects in to the living areas or can be fully closed at the touch of a button via Hydraulic cylinders hidden under the sub floor. Sustainability measures incorporated into the design are; passive solar, extra thick highly insulated walls, double glazing, rain water harvesting (off grid), with UV filtration and treatment, on-site sewage treatment and supplementary solar power.

▼可调节西立面,the operable west facade

▼餐厅及客厅,living and dining space

▼两面观景的入口空间,the entry  framed view through the building

▼建筑与室外的对视,view connection of the interior and exterior space

▼交通空间,circulation space






Project Type: Single residential
Size: 125sqm
Project Team: Andy Carson, Tom Potter, Alvin Tsang
Head Contractor: Bellevarde Constructions
Structural Engineer: Ken Murtagh
Hydraulic Engineering: Cram Fluid Power
Surveyor: Allen, Price & Scarratts
Photography: Michael Nicholson

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