Residence Ji by KC Design Studio

The rebirth of a 66㎡ low-floor old apartment

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The light of the low-floor old apartment comes from the 4-meter lane in the front. The front large window introduces sufficient light, forming the single-axis division of the space.

▼大面开窗引进充足光线,the front large window introduces sufficient light


The double-sided cabinet is arranged to be used in the public space and private space. In the private space, there is also a movable double-sided cabinet. For the present life style of two people, it could be used as a walk-in closet. If there is a new member in the future, it could separate the space into two parts and make a new bedroom. The open kitchen and the movable functional cabinet of the bar will make the space a room with the concept of the open style and form a circle flow in the space.

▼利用双面柜定义公共和私密空间,the double-sided cabinet was used to define the public space and private space



As for the floor planning, the functions of the materials are applied to meet the space need. The living room, dining room, and bedrooms are mainly the warm wooden floor. The entrance, kitchen and bathroom are paved with the moisture-resistant tiles.

▼开放式厨房,the open kitchen

▼玄关以不怕受潮的瓷砖作为铺面,the entrance is paved with the moisture-resistant tiles


The wood pattern with the natural texture contrasts sharply to the geometrical lines. The cold and warm colors expressed by the two materials both keep the original texture of the materials, creating the harmony between the richness and contrast in the combination of the materials.

▼木纹肌理保持了原本的样貌,the wood pattern keeps its natural appearance


Work/ KC design studio
Project Leader/ Kuan-huan, Liu,Chun-ta, Tsao
Area/ 20P
Location/ Taipei, Taiwan
Project Year/ 2017

More:KC Design Studio更多关于他们:KC Design Studio on gooood

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