Nobis Hotel Stockholm by Claesson Koivisto Rune + Wingårdhs Architects

A sense of individuality with a uniquely Swedish brand of luxury

Project Specs


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The result is an elegant dining room equally suited to formal gatherings and jovial dinners; a natural extension of the hotel, which since opening in 2010 has drawn both visitors and locals to its remarkably relaxed ambience. With a prime spot on the historic Norrmalmstorg Square and easy proximity to Nobis’ equally atmospheric Gold Bar, Noi is a hotspot that is here to stay.

▼酒店外貌,exterior view


坐落于斯堪的纳维亚风格设计之中,该餐厅将瑞典风格的奢华与个性结合在一起。从美学上讲,点缀着圆形橄榄绿色皮革展台,马赛克地板和胡桃木板墙壁及家具的餐厅,如同昏暗的地下室空间一般。该空间由杰出瑞典设计公司Wingårdhs Architects倾力打造,与企业最新项目Nobis Hotel Copenhagen来自同一设计师手笔。Noi品牌的每一寸设计都采用纯天然材料打造,如来自Tärnsjö的皮具和黑色大理石雕刻出了无与伦比的酒吧空间。曾在斯德哥尔摩Operakällaren担任主厨并享有盛名的Stefano Catenacci,此次初任该餐厅的主厨,并负责监管所有的宴会和晚餐,所提供的餐单遍及来自欧洲各地的精选美食。如Kalix鱼子搭配桃仁土豆泥,抄香葱搭配杏仁薯条,以及香料烤鸭胸搭配甜菜,炒布鲁塞尔豆芽菜搭配无花果肉酱汁等多种经典美食均采用高品质食材打造,体现了美食的季节性和新鲜度。

▼餐厅空间,the restaurant

Set amongst an oasis of Scandinavian design, the new restaurant marries a sense of individuality with a uniquely Swedish brand of luxury. Aesthetically, this manifests itself as a low-lit subterranean space lined with circular booths upholstered with olive green leather, mosaic parquet, and walnut paneled walls. Designed by the pre-eminent Swedish architect firm Wingårdhs Architects—the same team behind the Nobis group’s newest property, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen—every facet of Noi is fed by a consistently natural material selection that includes leather from Tärnsjö and black marble, which has been carved into a standout bar.Helmed by head chef Stefano Catenacci, renowned locally for his role as Chef des Cuisines at Stockholm’s Operakällaren, and for overseeing all catering for Royal Castle banquets and dinners, Noi presents an inspiring menu that draws on gastronomic influences from all over Europe. Dishes such as Kalix bleak roe with almond potato purée, fried shallots and almond potato chips, and spice-roasted duck breast with yellow beets, fried brussels sprouts and fig gravy are crafted from high quality ingredients that place an emphasis on seasonality and freshness.

▼宴会厅,the banquet space

▼明亮的大厅,the lounge

▼大厅天花板,ceiling of the hall

▼套房卧室及客厅,the bedroom and living room in suite

▼Nobis套房,Nobis suite


▼小型双人间,Small double room

▼全景套房,Panorama Suite

▼单人间,Small single room

▼套房洗手间展示,the bathroom in suites

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