Renovation of Mr. Wataru Hatano’s Residence by koyori

Home for a Japanese paper craftsman

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该项目旨在对一座有着100年历史的传统日式住宅进行改造,其主人Wataru Hatano先生是一位和纸匠人兼作家。房屋位于宁静的街区中,偶有鹿和野猪出没。

This was a renovation project for Mr. Wataru Hatano, a Japanese paper craftsman and writer. The residence is a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house standing in the midst of a peaceful neighborhood where deer and wild boars occasionally make an appearance.

▼建筑外观,exterior view © 臼井淳一


We organized the volume and flow line to fully convey the charm of Mr. Hatano’s own Japanese paper which was to be used as the main finishing, and devised the design plan for this house by seeking the appropriate presentation of Japanese paper in order to pick up its every expression via careful adjustment of the position and size of the opening, instead of focusing only on brightness.

▼室内概览,interior general view © 臼井淳一

▼厨房和工作台,kitchen & operation desk © 臼井淳一

▼工作坊展示架,display shelf in the workshop area © 臼井淳一

▼和纸墙面,Japanese paper furnishing © 臼井淳一


To demonstrate the possibility of Japanese paper in today’s livelihood, it is incorporated into the design of the dressing room, bathroom window and wet area which are uncommon to have paper in their design.

▼房间细节,interior detailed view © 臼井淳一

▼室内墙面细节,internal facade details © 臼井淳一


For the plasterer finishing of the exterior wall, the mud wall was dyed to match the aging of the building and its structure uses walls bearing no exposed pillars. We aimed to create an appearance that blends with the changing times by modelling the house on the current residence design while inheriting the conventional elements.

▼外墙,facade © 臼井淳一

▼窗户细节,window detailed view © 臼井淳一


The question was, how should we exhibit the charm of Japanese papers in a house where its creator himself lives? In answer, we gave the house a straightforward structure to create a space unique to Mr. Hatano who has the best understanding of the characteristics of the material, taking care of the entire paper-making process from growing paper mulberries, processing them into Japanese papers, coloring and manufacturing products to interior construction.

▼洗手间也采用了纸饰面,paper furnishing was also used in the toilet area © 臼井淳一


We hope that this house, which invited new ambience into its design while retaining the characteristics of a 100-year-old traditional Japanese house, will be cherished with much love.

▼和纸装饰细节,Japanese paper element © 臼井淳一

type: renovation
Location: City of ayabe, kyoto prefecture
Completion:May 2020
Building use: Private house

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