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Steel bars without concrete

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钢筋混凝土(RC)是常见的构筑材料,钢筋有著抗拉,混凝土有著抗压,两者因为热膨胀系数接近,所以可以紧密结合在一起,而除了模板和支撑构件作为 RC 的临时构造物,最后被包里于混凝土内的「钢筋」(箍筋),能不能算是临时构造物?

Reinforced Concrete (RC) is a construction material that often being used. The tension resistance of steel bar and compression resistance of concrete create a strong bond between each other when expanding and hardening. Other than the support and plywood that used during hardening process. Is the steel bar considered as a temporary construction materials as well?

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼钢筋组成的临时构筑物,temporary construction composed by steel bars ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

在构筑的过程和角色是不是同时具有「永久性」和「临时性」?没有灌浆的钢筋,又具有基么样的时间特性?在这样的论述之下,我们可以提出的议题是:假设钢筋+混凝士是不可逆的,那 XX+钢筋是否可逆?钢筋不再只是内骨骼,而成为外框架或模板(或其他角色?),那另一种材料会是甚么?钢筋有著不同系数的粗细,可应用在不同地方满足不同的力学需求,这种关系又应如何彰显?

▼设计草图,design sketch ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼安装过程,installation process ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

Are the timeless and temporary characteristics presented during the construction process? What if the steel bar is constructed without pouring concrete for strengthening. Therefore, one of the hypothesis that is being considered is that, the bond of steel bar and concrete are irreversible; what if the bond between x and steel bar can be reversed? What if steel bar is not only an internal skeleton but an external skeleton or finishes (or any other role Thus, what will be the x]? Steel bar are manufactured with different diameters, perhaps the strength required for different connections will be different, but how do this related to each other?

▼由钢筋做外框架的装置,installation using steel bars as frame ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼不同位置使用不同系数的钢筋,different steel bars used in different positions ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼钢筋框架内填充石块,stones in the frame of steel bars ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼夜景,night view ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼装置立面,elevation ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

▼细部,details ©Fieldevo Desian Studio

Project name: Reinforced Ring
Company name: Fieldevo Design Studio
Project location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Completion Year: 2018
Photo credits: Fieldevo Desian Studio

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