Rayli Magazine Office, Beijing by Imago Architecture design Consultant

Colour emerges from everything through Sunlight.

Project Specs


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This is an 2000㎡ interior design project for a magazine office. In consideration for the programmatic practicality, the open office area was arranged in the outer area, close to natural sunlight. This leaves the circulation in the centre, next to the building core. The circulation corridor, which connects the scattered periferal conference rooms and leisure spaces, is also the main focus of our design.

The design uses four specific tones of coloured glass panels; red, yellow, blue, and green, in order to distinguish the different meeting areas. Each coloured section then contains dozens of delicate colour differences. In total, the panels use 54 different colours. The coloured panels also form a complete loop around the main corridor.

▼ 从入口看前台,entrence view of front desk

从入口看前台_entrence view of front desk

▼ 前台,front desk

前台_front desk

▼ 从会议室区看前台,from meeting area looking through front desk

从会议室区看前台_from meeting area looking through front desk

▼ 轴测图,plan diagram

plan diagram 副本


As the sunlight shines through the windows, it picks up the vast colours from the panels and splashes them upon the floors and walls. The design of the carpet also aims to enhance the colour pallet of the light through the use of a mosaic of 609mm x 609mm tiles, altogether containing 37 different colours in order to simulate the chromatic nature of the sunlight flowing through the glass panels. Together, they would instill the inhabitant with a sense of super-realism.

▼ 地毯排版,carpet

地毯排版-carpet 1

▼ 前台接待区,front desk reception area

前台接待区_front desk reception area2

▼ 接待区内部,inside reception area

接待区内部_inside reception area

▼ 小会议室,small meeting room

小会议室_small meeting room


As for the corridor wall, we used white tiles to maintain uniformity in the space. Because of the reflective parameters of the tile material, light transmitted through the coloured glass panel is mirrored upon hitting the white tiles, dispersing out like watercolour on paper. Furthermore, considering of the depth of the office, the white tiles can also reflect light, making the open office space brighter.

▼ 开敞办公区,open office area

开场办公区_open office area

▼ 从走廊看复印机角落,copy place in corridor

从走廊看复印机角落_copy place in corridor


In the design, we employed natural light to affect the interior space. Through the ever changing angle and direction of the sunlight, the color and light intensity also changes. The result is an interior space that transforms from winter to summer, night to day, and from cloudy to sunny days. Actually, every interior space changes according to the sunlight, but what we did was enhancing this transformation and making it more dramatic.

▼ 蓝色会议区,blue tone meeting area

蓝色会议区_blue tone meeting area

▼ 平面图,plan

Z:Documents瑞丽2016瑞丽施工图0518-BUCC_t3 Model (1)


Architects:Imago Architecture design Consultant
team:Kaixin Hu, Feiyu Li, Tianning Jia
Project Year:July, 2016
Photographs:Xiaochun Ma

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