A female lawyer’s home in Shanghai, China by LZArchitects

Remove the partition walls to form an open and vivid living experience

Project Specs


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The project is located in a commercial and residential apartment building in Pudong New District, Shanghai. The owner is a single female lawyer. This 80 square meter apartment is oriented to the north, without direct sunshine. The original apartment is a frame structure of one room and one hall. Considering that the owner lives alone and the light is dark, the designer breaks through the partition walls of two rooms to form an open space. The whole space adopts two colors, warm and cold, and the curvilinear modeling process, while satisfying the functional needs, increases the user’s different sense of experience, which is consistent with the owner’s preference for color.

▼打通客厅与卧室,让视线无阻隔,Open up the living room and bedroom, so that the line of sight is unobstructed ©周超吉 

▼整墙收纳柜增加储物空间,书桌上方与客厅收纳柜前均有升降投影幕布 ©周超吉
The entire wall cabinet increases storage space, and there are projection screens above the desk and in front of the storage cabinet

▼客餐厅厨一体空间,Integration of kitchen and restaurant in living room ©周超吉

▼书桌代替隔墙分隔卧室与客厅空间,两处落地窗使北向采光问题得到改善 ©周超吉
The desk instead of partition wall to separate bedroom and living room space, and the two floor-to-ceiling windows make the northern lighting problem improved

▼开敞空间家具灵活布置,Flexible layout of open space furniture ©周超吉

▼餐厅卡座区与收纳柜结合,The combination of sofa seat and storage cabinet ©周超吉

▼西厨视线开阔,Western Kitchen has a wide view ©周超吉

▼曲线造型的墙面,Curved wall niches ©周超吉

▼平面图,plan ©张烨建筑事务所

项目面积:80 ㎡

Project Name: Qiantan Xiyue Apartment Design
Project Location: Lane 1505, Lianhang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Project area: 80 ㎡
Architect’s Firm: LZArchitects
Design Team: Zhang Ye, Li Jiangfeng
Construction team: Qi Nai (Shanghai) Building Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Completion time: April 2020
Photography: Zhou chaoji

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