The garden of the third train, France by PAYSARCHITECTURES

Artistic expression of memorial landscape

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位于贡比涅森林(Forest of Compiègne)的休战空地,是一战重要的纪念场所之一。1918年11月11日,停战协议在此处的一辆火车上签下,成为让全世界铭记的历史时刻。受20世纪的这场残酷战争的影响,上法兰西大区(Hauts de France)相关部门决定纪念这一遗址,因此修建了上法兰西大区象征着和平的战争纪念性公园。同时,公园的构建体现出该场地在景观艺术上顽强的生命力。

第三列火车公园是一个法德合作性项目,由景观设计师Marc Blume,艺术家Gilles Brusset及建筑师Francesca Liggieri共同设计。设计围绕着通往休战空地停车场的林荫小路展开,使游客在前往空地前,即能享受到难忘的游览体验。

▼公园围绕着通往休战空地停车场的林荫小路展开,the garden take place around the allee joining the parking to the glade ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud

The Armistice glade, in the Forest of Compiègne, is one of the most significant site of World War One. The Armistice was signed there, on the 11th of november 1918, in a rail coach, today worldwide known. Impacted by the brutality of the 20’s century wars, the region Hauts de France chose to celebrate tomorrow’s heritage and affirm its resilience in landscape art by creating an itinerary on the sites of memory of the Great War : the gardens of peace | Hauts-de-France.

The garden of the third train, designed by the landscaper Marc Blume, the artist Gilles Brusset and the architect Francesca Liggieri, is a Franco-German project taking place around the allee joining the parking to the glade, making it a memorable walk before discovering the location of the Armistice. 

▼林间公园概览,overview of the garden within the forest ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud


Inside the undergrowth, the three designers thought about a symbolic and plastic parallel between the trails of the trenches of the Great War and the shapes drawed by the filaments of the mycelian network. Following this pattern, the paths of the garden make their way windingly through the foliage, creating rounded and planted areas where different essences of the forest can be seen. Adding itself to this maze leading to the discovery of the undergrowth, an elongated bench crosses the garden and invites contemplation.

▼具有象征意义的平行线和圆形种植区,symbolic parallel and rounded planted areas ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud

▼长椅横跨花园,引人深思,elongated bench crosses the garden and invites contemplation ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud

▼长椅细节,detail of the bench ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud


The garden of the third train is an undergrowth garden which embraces the vastness of humus. It takes on the perception of the visitors through their movement in space and encourage the discovery of a peacefull place by offering new, wringely and random paths.

▼公园掩映在森林丰富的植被中,garden under the rich vegetation of the forest ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud

▼公园中蜿蜒随性的小路,wringely and random paths ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud


He takes place like a third component between the trees and the people : a link that associates contemplation, meditation and celebration of life.

▼林间斑驳的阳光投射在长椅上,营造出静谧沉思的氛围,dappled sunshine pour on the bench,  creating a quiet and contemplative atmosphere ©Pierre-Yves Brunaud

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