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The materiality and detailing bring the space a fresh take on traditional.

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Q 餐厅和酒吧有四十年历史,是波特兰最古老、最受推崇的餐厅之一。凭着深厚的历史和忠诚的客户,为 Q 设计新的空间是一件充满挑战的工作。

Q Restaurant and Bar is the next evolution of one of Portland’s oldest and beloved restaurants, Veritable Quandary, which existed for over 40 years. With a deep history and extremely loyal clientele, the design of the new Q was an exercise in meeting and exceeding many established expectations.

▼ 餐厅的室内设计,the interior of new Q


The design considers the legacy of it’s previous establishment and evokes nostalgia while still feeling fresh and inviting. This was accomplished through classic detailing and materials, like cherry wood, juxtaposed with terrazzo for a fresh take on traditional. The low ceilings of the new rough space provided a good design challenge and Osmose decided to highlight the ceilings by layering them in complex detailing, creating coffered panels covered with rosewood veneer in the bar. Adding to this depth, the ceiling above the bar counter is lowered even further and wrapped in bronze mirror, allowing light to bounce- adding to the energy and vibrancy of the experience.

压低的天花板主导了吧台区域,the low ceilings with complex detailing dominate the bar area

餐厅的空间是一段不断发展的体验,客人可以在酒吧开始一顿晚餐,然后进入餐厅进行饭后的娱乐活动。无论是坐在厨师台还是中央长桌,都能享受到丰富的早午餐,浪漫的晚餐或者是盛大的派对。每次访问 Q 都是一种新的体验。

Designed as an evolving experience, guests can start in the bar and stay for dinner, or move to the dining room for a longer evening. Whether sitting at the chef counter or the central benches, the dining room is welcoming for brunch, a romantic dinner, or a large party. Each visit to Q can be a new experience.

餐厅空间,dining area


This balance of classic and new is reflected in the materiality and detailing, as described in the concept above. With this chef-driven focus, an open kitchen and chef counter were design to connect the chef with the guest. 

▼ 入口空间,entry of the restaurant

▼ 空间中的细节,detail of the space

Area: 3,500 sf total
Kitchen only: 1,400sf

Seat: 91 total
Bar: 42
Dining: 49

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