Basic Coffee Sun House In City, Beijing, China by Nazodesign Studio

Simplify all the design to create a bright and natural cafe space.

Project Specs


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Basic Coffee选址于北京建外Soho,是北京出名的快节奏繁华商务地段。委托建筑师设计的Monica将咖啡馆命名为“Basic Coffee”,意在做一个纯粹简单、更接近于咖啡本质的咖啡厅。基于这样的定位,建筑师也试图通过设计的语言去探索场所空间的本质,以最自然最轻盈的姿态去呈现这个咖啡厅。

Basic Coffee locates in Jianwai Soho, the famous and passionate Business Central Disrict of Beijing. In pursuit of the pure spirit of coffee, the owner Monica named it “Basic Coffee”, forming up an atmosphere of easy and simple feeling for every client. In order to achieve this, and to present the coffee shop in a most natural and comfortable way, we will express our design concept as following.

▼ 室内一览,overall view of the interior


The usable floor area in the shop is average, natural lighting from both sides. Space can be used for design is limited due to one spiral stairs in the middle of the room. However in parallel, spiral stairs help added some light in the center of the room space in addition to the natural lighting from both sides, which make the room rich in light resources. This triggered us to think about “Let lights design”, namely simplify the all design elements in the space while let all elements serving the light in the room.

▼ 明亮的室内,bright interior



Main color tone is defined in white and wooden color, which is commonly known best in pairing and presenting the lights. White in ceiling, white in wall, white coffee bar table, white floor, wooden color table and sofa, wooden color layer board and door frame. A fresh and natural atmosphere can be felt easily in this white and wooden color world.

▼ 通过印有白色格栅的透明拉门分隔空间,separate the space by transparent sliding door with white pattern


About room illumination, we tried to minimize the lights as well as the light color scheme, in order to avoid artificial lightings being overwhelming. The spiral stairs in the room stands for a sculptural vision, strong and impacting, in perfect compare, other elements in the room are designed and distributed natural and soft, no exaggeration.

▼ 简洁的过道与旋转楼梯,simple corridor corresponded with the spiral stairs


Main color tone for toilet Is also set in white, while making the light source half hide. Though simulates, It Is very close to natual light feeling.

▼ 卫生间,toilet

▼ 细部,details


▼ 平面图,floor plan

项目:Basic Coffee

Project: Basic Coffee
Project team: Tian Shaoyin,Yuan Zhiyang,Zeng Yuxian
Project location:Villa 9,East Area of Jianwai Soho ,Chaoyang Disctrict,Beijing,China
Lighting design:Ma Chao
Area: 122 sqm
Completion date: January 2017
Nazodesign Studio Location:1303 Room,No.2 Building,Designer Plaza,Fengtai District

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