Partu (Skin) Collection by Trent Jansen & Johnny Nargoodagh

A glimpse into the potential for innovation in sharing the designers’ disparate understandings of leather

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洛杉矶的GalleryAll画廊宣布近期将与Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert合作,展出由澳大利亚设计师Trent Jansen和Johnny Nargoodagh共同创作的“皮肤”(Partu)座椅系列。

GalleryAll is pleased to announce the latest collection, Partu (Skin), by Trent Jansen and Johnny Nargoodagh, in collaboration with Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert. Johnny and Trent met during Fremantle Arts Centre’s “In Cahoots”.

▼“皮肤”(Partu)座椅系列,the Partu (Skin) Collection ©Romella Pereira

该项目的创作契机源于二人在Fremantle艺术中心举办的“In Cahoots”展览上的相识。Trent和Johnny自2017年开始单独合作,并将皮革作为他们的“实验”对象。两位设计师在皮具方面均有着丰富的经验,此次的“皮肤”系列展示了二人长期以来的研究成果和他们对皮革的不同理解,同时也将使观者了解到皮革这一材料所蕴含的创新潜力。

Johnny and Trent began to collaborate in isolation, experimenting with leather, a material that has been formative in the working lives of both designers. Johnny worked as a saddler on cattle stations in the Kimberley region, using traditional techniques to cut, stamp and form leather. Trent has experimented extensively with animal pelts, using industrial precision to generate forms that emulate Australian mythical creatures. This collaborative journey gave Johnny and Trent a glimpse into the potential for innovation in sharing their disparate understandings of leather, and both designers are compelled to push these early studies further.

Arc One Exhibition – Melbourne Design Week – March 2020
© Tom Ross



Partu Collection artwork images

Material: New Zealand Leather, Aluminum

©以下图片版权属于Romella Pereira

Courtesy of Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert
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