Paper airplane, China by Robot3 Studio

A momentary interception can only stay in memory

Project Specs


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The project is located in Beijing Huairou Shayukou village, Yishanzhu B&B Resort. Its name is from the poem of Su Shi:The Songfeng Pavilion is built amidst beautiful mountains. It is backed by green mountains and overlooks the boundless plains. Whenever the night is quiet, the Northern Star and comet seem to be stuck on the eaves.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Robot3 Studio



This hut was built on a hillside with fruit trees.It is used to provide visitors with place to take a break when climbing the mountain, and also for workers who maintain fruit trees.

Because the main purpose of building this hut is to provide a shelter from wind and rain, the only thing to consider is to minimize the impact on the environment and facilitate construction. The top surface of the hut is embedded into the wall and is wrapped by waterproof linoleum to form the basic gray-black triangle frame. The trapezoidal plane formed by the superposition of two triangular blocks in space can not only satisfy the use function, but also narrow the required area.

▼顶视图,roof top view ©Robot3 Studio


Under a hundred-year-old persimmon tree there is the entrance. Looking at it from one direction, you will never imagine the other side. The side window is square and faces southeast. To the southwest there is a large triangular window on the front. In order to minimize the impact on the environment, the entire house was elevated a bit, and the vegetation on the ground can be replanted as before. In the house, you can also have a farther and higher vision.

▼抬升的体量,the elevated volume ©Robot3 Studio

▼入口旁的柿子树,the persimmon tree beside the entrance ©Robot3 Studio

▼侧面方形窗口朝向东南,the side window is square and faces southeast ©Robot3 Studio

▼窗景和室内空间,view & internal space ©Robot3 Studio


When viewing at dusk, the vast expanse of the north can always be revealed here. In the forest, there is lush grass. If I have to come up with an idea for the design of this house, I will say I always think of the soundtrack of the movie Ashes of Time when I see this view.

▼西南向视野,view to the south west ©Robot3 Studio


All things in the whole process move linearly. The scale is time of this line and cannot be reversed. The composition of the world is the superposition of countless processes. At the moment of encounter, a momentary interception can only stay in memory and solidify in form.

▼方窗和三角窗,the square and triangular windows ©Robot3 Studio


The passage of time is just like the flow of water, which goes on day and night.

▼黄昏中的依山筑舍,Paper airplane in the sunset ©Robot3 Studio

▼设计手绘,skeches ©Robot3 Studio

▼模型,model ©Robot3 Studio

▼平面图,plan ©Robot3 Studio

▼剖面图,section ©Robot3 Studio

设计机构:Robot3 Studio
摄影:Robot3 Studio

Architect:Robot3 Studio
Design Team: Pan Fei,Han Dong,
Location:shayukou Village,Huairou District, Beijing
Project Type:Residential building
Building Area: 16 sqm
Building Material: Steel tube,Plank,Glass
Design Period:2020.5-2020.8
Completion: 2020.10
Photographer:Robot3 Studio

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