OPPO Guangzhou by UNStudio

Urban Park: blurring the boundaries between public space and commerce

Project Specs


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With its 300㎡ new facade, the 606㎡ OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Store is located at Zhengjia Plaza in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou.

▼门店外观,exterior view ©Yiyi and OPPO


Design concept – Urban Park



With the ambition to create a gathering space that blurs the boundaries between public space and commerce for OPPO’s customers, UNStudio introduced an ‘Urban Park’ concept. This concept creates an inclusive environment that meets the behavioral needs of the various people who visit the store.

The interior is designed as a ‘borderless’ interactive environment, where meandering routes lead visitors through an array of ‘display zones’, thereby creating different rhythms of motion and allowing customers to browse, take their time, pause and try out the products within the store.

▼室内概览,interior general view ©CreatAR Images


The Facade – the modular tube


The design for the Guangzhou OPPO flagship store is approached through a keen focus on craftsmanship, alongside material choices that add a contemporary twist to the vernacular architecture of the city.

Situated along a main thoroughfare, the facade design needed to provide the store with a bold and recognizable visual identity. As a result, a sliced extruded tube component was chosen as the main module, inspired by bamboo – an important source of food, clothing, housing, and transportation for people in Guangzhou in ancient times.

▼入口立面,entrance facade ©CreatAR Images


This metallic tube is also a 3D interpretation of the ‘O’ in OPPO. This dimensional transformation results in a cylindrical tube, into which a cut is added in order to obtain a truncated cylinder. This cylindrical form is repeated in varying lengths and curvatures throughout the facade, creating a reference to both the brand and to technology.

▼立面设计示意,OPPO-curve facade ©UNStudio

▼模块,Module ©UNStudio


For the overall composition of the facade elements, multiple geometric strategies were studied. Following the exploration of different volumetric options, a large, sweeping folding gesture was chosen which echoes the corner curve of the OPPO brand logo, while guiding visitors towards the entrance to the store.

▼立面构件,Facade Component ©UNStudio

▼截圆柱单元以不同的长度和曲率重复排列在整个外立面 ©CreatAR Images
the cylindrical form is repeated in varying lengths and curvatures throughout the facade


Programmable lighting embedded within each tube create an overall facade effect of dynamism and vibrancy.

▼管状元件内部嵌入光源,programmable lighting are embedded within each tube ©CreatAR Images

▼幕墙夜间外观,facade night view ©Yiyi and OPPO


The Interior – Fluid, continuous geometry


Achieving a fluid space in a flowing, uninterrupted movement – where an intuitive sequence of different areas enables customers to experience and interact with the products – was one of the key aims of the interior design.

▼室内空间,interior view ©CreatAR Images



▼轴测图,axon ©UNStudio

The interior space is defined by two main experiential zones: PULSE and EVOLUTION. In the PULSE area the main phone displays act as a strong focal point, while the EVOLUTION areas, in contrast, enable different experiences and accommodate social and interactive zones.

The winding circulation paths weave visitors through these zones, and along targeted seating that provide comfortable areas for customers to charge their phones, test new products, and socialise.

▼主展示区,main display area ©Yiyi and OPPO

▼体验台,experience table ©Yiyi and OPPO


The store also provides customers with a playful ‘instagrammable’ experience zone, where they are also encouraged to discover the features of the phone’s cameras by taking photos and selfies.

▼影像体验区入口,entry way to the experience zone ©CreatAR Images

▼影像体验区, ‘instagrammable’ experience zone ©Yiyi and OPPO


The accentuation of fluid forms with natural wood in a muted palette articulate the interior. Silver anodized aluminum panels juxtapose the rippled translucent glass screens and wall of acrylic prisms. The result is a constant play on perception of subtly layered changes of depth throughout the interior, and balance between solid and transparent, heavy and light, cold and warm.

▼体验台,experience table ©Yiyi and OPPO


White terrazzo embedded with speckles of ‘OPPO green’ create the meandering paths through the store, while integrated ‘pathways’ of lighting in the ceiling mimic this fluid flow and frame the different areas and displays from above. These pathways in the floor and ceiling further serve to guide visitors intuitively along various routes as they wander through and around the space.

▼天花板上的照明灯带与流动的路径形成呼应 ©CreatAR Images
integrated ‘pathways’ of lighting in the ceiling mimic the fluid flow of the meandering paths through

▼平面图,plan ©UNStudio

项目名称:OPPO 广州超级旗舰店
地点: 广州
建筑面积: 600 平方米
业态: 商业
UNStudio 服务:外立面和室内改造设计
现状: 2020年6月竣工
建筑高度: 5.9 米
UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Hannes Pfau, Garett Hwang
With Alexander Meyers, Ana Castaingts Gomez, Piao Liu, Jing Xu, Idil Kantarci, Diego Ramirez Leon, Praneet Verma
灯光: brandston partnership inc.(BPI)

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