Omakase in Shanghai, China by Shanghai Hip-pop Design Team

The pink Sakura rain and the golden Tatami room

Project Specs


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Whether a kaiseki cuisine is attractive is just determined at the moment when one entering the door.

▼餐厅一层公共区,the public space of the restaurant on the first floor



Inspired by the love story of Sakura rain, the design of Omakase erased the sadness of story without a trace. It broke some preconceived traditional ideas and challenged the widely accepted standard of behavior. Started with the design concept of Sakura and dew, the Sakura petals and dewdrops are combined in the glass partition in a creative way, achieving a virtual-real synthesis and crystal-clear decorative effects. At the same time, the boundless pink Sakura is in contrast with the golden Tatami room, as if one entered a Sakura labyrinth. With the dynamic lighting, the blooming Sakura and exquisitely carved dewdrops make a feast of Sakura. Such a poetic environment seized the heart of a maiden.

▼从一层公共区看寿司台和包间,在玻璃隔断中将樱花花瓣和露珠结合到一起,viewing the sushi bar and private dining space from the 1F public space, the Sakura petals and dewdrops are combined in the glass partition


The entire space is just like a freehand brushwork painting, in which every diner becomes a part of the scenery. While enjoying the food, who will not be pleasant and contented in the beauty?

▼一层的寿司台,粉色樱花与金色的和室形和吧台成对比,the sushi bar on the first floor, the pink Sakura is in contrast with the golden Tatami room and sushi bar

▼从包房看一层的寿司台,viewing the sushi bar on the first floor from the private dining space

▼包房室内,interior view of the private dining space


There’s sunset which never falls, and there’s Sakura rain which never ends. The pink Sakura rain all over the sky is the most beautiful and romantic word. Come here together with your beloved one, and love in the fascinating Sakura rain. Life is more than just living, there are still romantic times and pink dreams.

▼从一层通向二层的金色楼梯空间,the golden stairs space leading to the second floor

▼二层入口楼梯空间,the entrance space of the second floor

▼二层寿司吧用餐空间,层叠的带有樱花的墙体划分空间,the sushi bar dining space at the second floor, the layered walls with Sakura divide the space

▼二层卡包空间,dining space at the second floor

▼二层走廊空间,corridor space at the second floor

▼二层寿司台,the sushi bar at the second floor

▼一层平面图,1F plan

▼二层平面图,2F plan

▼剖面图1,section 1

▼剖面图2,section 2


项目名称: 樱久让Omakase
项目地点: 中国 上海
设计公司: 上海黑泡泡建筑装饰设计工程有限公司
主创设计: 孙天文、曹鑫第、刘栋
参与设计: 张德杰
项目面积: 140平方米
完工日期: 2019年1月
摄 影 师: Boris Shiu
主要材料: 玻璃、涂料

Project name: Omakase
Project location: Shanghai, China
Design company: Shanghai Hip-pop Design Team
Chief designer: Sun Tianwen, Cao Xindi, Liu Dong
Collaborative designer: Zhang Dejie
Project area: 140 square meters
Completion date: January 2019
Photographer: Boris Shiu
Main material: glass, painting

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