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▼杭州光棱建筑外观-相邻的住宅塔楼映射出棱柱的几何形态,exterior view of the Hangzhou Prism-the adjacent residential tower reflects the geometry of a prism in its facade  Image by Bloomimages, Courtesy of OMA

Construction has begun on OMA’s pyramid-shaped mixed-use building – Xinhu Hangzhou Prism – which forms the heart of Hangzhou’s Future Tech City in the new Technology Central Business District (CBD). The project is commissioned by Zhejiang Xinhu Haichuang Group. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, is known as one of China’s most beautiful cities with a high quality of life. The city is rapidly developing into an important tech-hub, home to some of China’s largest technology companies (including Alibaba Group Holding and NetEase) and a burgeoning start-up scene. Hangzhou competes with Beijing and Shanghai to attract China’s new-economy workforce and young tech graduates. A pinnacle reaching into the sky, the Prism pays homage to the ancient saying that the there is “paradise above, and Hangzhou below”. The Prism is complemented by an adjacent 35,000 m² residential tower, reflecting the geometry of a prism in its façade.

▼图解,diagram  Courtesy of OMA

OMA设计的新湖杭州光棱将现代化的设计融入周围自然美景之中,这座综合体将容纳一家酒店、零售空间、loft公寓和一个中庭花园。50,000平方米的光棱建筑由两个穿过建筑外表的大胆斜切面构成,形成了具有丰富景观的阶梯式loft。建筑内部,一个巨大的空间内布置了水景和游乐区,作为可进入的公共花园。Chris van Duijn说:“新湖杭州光棱将促进杭州新CBD地区内创意社区的发展。设计确保了灵活的规划和广阔的公共室外空间,保持了强烈的视觉识别性:形式引人注目,典型而现代。“ 杭州光棱项目由Chris van Duijn和Michalis Hadjistyllis领导,计划将于2020年完成。

▼光棱由两个穿过建筑外表的斜切面构成,形成了具有丰富景观的阶梯式loft,Prism is shaped by two radical oblique cuts through the building envelope, creating terraced lofts with generous scenic views  Image by Bloomimages, Courtesy of OMA

OMA’s design for Xinhu Hangzhou Prism integrates modernity into the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. The complex will house a hotel, retail space, lofts and an atrium garden. The 50,000 m² Prism is shaped by two radical oblique cuts through the building envelope, creating terraced lofts with generous scenic views. A large interior void creates a publicly accessible garden with water features and playgrounds.Chris van Duijn: “Xinhu Hangzhou Prism will encourage the development of a creative community in the new CBD of Hangzhou. The design enables flexible programming and a broad repertoire of communal outdoor spaces, while maintaining a strong visual identity: striking in its form, archetypical yet contemporary.” The project is led by Chris van Duijn and Michalis Hadjistyllis and is expected to complete in 2020.

▼室内中庭空间,interior atrium  Image by Bloomimages, Courtesy of OMA

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