Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar by LEGORRETA®

A village-like building, tranquil courtyards and pleasant water features

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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美国乔治城大学(Georgetown University )Edmund A. Walsh外交学院在卡塔尔的分校位于教育城校区内(Education City Campus)的北侧,由建筑事务所LEGORRETA ®设计。外交学院西侧毗邻中央图书馆(Central Library),西南侧毗邻同样由LEGORRETA ®设计的学生中心(Student Center),南侧则是遗址区(Heritage Ruin)和一座公园,通过景观设计和建筑朝向设计,公园得以与建筑构建出一种强烈的视觉和设计概念上的联系。

The Georgetown University’s Campus in Qatar of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service is integrated within the Northern side of the Education City Campus. The adjacent building to the West is the Central Library and to the Southwest the Student Center, also designed by LEGORRETA ®. To the South lies the Heritage Ruin and a Park with a strong visual and conceptual connection achieved by landscape design and orientation of the building.

▼建筑外观局部,partial exterior view ©Yona Schley

设计的主要目的是打破巨大的建筑体量,将其塑造为一个更加符合人的尺度的空间,从而为学生们营造出舒适的、家一般的空间氛围。因此,整个教学楼区由一系列小体量体块组成,创造出一种村庄般的感觉。教学楼区的所有体块都与外交学院的核心——公共空间联系起来。此外,通过设计一条设有雕塑的惬意的人行道,教学楼的入口还与南边的绿色脊柱(Green Spine)相连。

The major design intent is to brake down the monumentally of the overall building to a more human scale to make the student feel comfortable and transmit a feel at home atmosphere. The building is a composition of various smaller departments in order to give it a village-like character. All parts of the building are connected to the Common Space, the core of School of Foreign Service. The entrance is connected by a pleasant pedestrian walk -with sculptures- to the Green Spine on the South.

▼项目外观局部,设有庭院,错落的小体量创造出一种村庄般的感觉,partial exterior view with the courtyards, a composition of various smaller departments give the building a village-like character ©Yona Schley


Landscaped courtyards and atria spaces interspersed throughout the complex of the building are intended to bring a tranquil feeling to the day to day activities and promote a sense of intimacy within the spaces that are orientated look onto these richly landscaped oases.

▼项目局部外观,建筑由一系列高低错落的小体块构成,设有庭院和水景,partial exterior view, the building is a composition of various smaller departments with the courtyards and water features ©Yona Schley

▼室外天井,营造出宁静的空间氛围,the exterior atria space creates a tranquil feeling ©Yona Schley

▼天井上方的建筑外观细部,details of the exterior view above the atria space ©Yona Schley


▼室外水景,配合着休息空间,营造出清新的空间氛围,the outdoor water features with the lounge space, refreshing the space ©Yona Schley

▼室外天井内的水景,water features in the outdoor atria space ©Yona Schley

Special attention is given to the outdoor environment. Water features refresh and ventilate the spaces around them. A cactus garden is located along the North façade and marks the transition between the desert and formally designed areas. Courtyards compliment adjacent building functions and are used for informal recreation and pleasant transition zones.

▼餐厅和公共休息空间,dining and public lounge space ©Yona Schley

▼室内图书馆和学习空间,interior library and study space ©Yona Schley

▼项目夜景,人工照明的光线从虚实相间的立面中透出来,night view, the artificial lighting glows the building through the facade ©Yona Schley

▼项目外观夜景,night view ©Yona Schley

▼水景夜景图,night view of the water features ©Yona Schley

Location: Doha, Qatar
Area: 68,600 m2 / 538,000 Sq Ft.
Year: 2011
Architecture: LEGORRETA®
Ricardo Legorreta
Víctor Legorreta
Miguel Almaraz
Adriana Ciklik
Carlos Vargas
Miguel Alatriste
Interior Design:LEGORRETA®
Langdon Wilson International
Cortina and Käll
Landscape Architecture: Carter Romanek Landscape Architects, Inc.
Associate Architect: Cortina and Käll
Executive Architect: Langdon Wilson International
Photography: Yona Schley

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