”Nothing to do with design – big bird” by Wuxiang Design

A fantasy space comes out of air.

Project Specs


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JingLin original project is quite special, is the fantasy out of thin air. Excited owners meet excited designers is a fun thing to do, is the contradiction between mutual destruction ambiguity combination! The process brings us pain greater than pleasure, and the pleasure is enough! Everyone has another you in their heart, it is the greedy and selfish you, what we really want to do is to find the balance, in fact the world has nothing to do with you.

▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior space


The two floors are connected by the corridor and the staircase, similar to the landscape, but the scenery is different! The prototype FP-51 is the most enjoyable enjoyment of the production and the loading process! It’s not about the outcome, it’s enough, it’s not about design. The imagination of the hair SAO and the participation in the landing will always make people have amazing expectations!

▼两层通高的会客厅,天窗采光,空间宽敞明亮,飞机模型成为了亮点。Spacious double heighted meeting room with natural light through the skylight, accented by the model plane


▼墙上贴有飞机图片,桌上摆着高科技产品。Pictures of planes on the wall and high-tech products on the table

▼从二楼俯瞰吧台和会议室。View of the bar and meeting room from the second floor



▼首层平面图(左);二层平面图(右),ground floor plan (left); first floor plan (right)


设计时间:2016/6 – 2016/07
团队成员:张桂影 朱丽娜 朱晨旭 谭维维

More: Wuxiang Design  更多关于他们:Wuxiang Design on gooood.

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