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A crystal clear sweet orange

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我们用暧昧与冲突表达“NOT SWEET不甜”的甜与不甜。
We use ambiguity and conflict to express the sweetness and non-sweetness of “NOT SWEET”.


社区商业是我们生活的一部分,但千篇一律的形式却没有丝毫精彩,我们总是一如既往的忽视萦绕在旁的这种存在。“NOT SWEET不甜”的出现就是要打破这种常态,以一种平凡且寂静的姿态地隐匿于周遭,毫无矫揉造作的融入我们日常的生活。

Community commerce is a part of our life, but the machine-made form is without any splendidness, we ignore such existence around us as always. The appearance of “NOT SWEET” is designated to break such status, hide around us with an ordinary and quiet pose, and integrate into our daily without mincement.

▼店铺外观,exterior view of the store ©偏方摄影

小懒桔旗下品牌“NOT SWEET不甜”是一个充满戏剧性的店名,面对甜与不甜本身的矛盾性,我们以什么样的方式介入,以及对空间的思考提出新的要求。

The brand “NOT SWEET” under Xiaolanju is a dramatic shop name. in face of the conflict between sweet and not sweet, new requirements are proposed for what kind of method should we use to intervene and the consideration for space.

▼外立面细节,facade details ©偏方摄影

▼空间次入口,the secondary entrance ©偏方摄影


Internally, within the space less than 50m2, it will not only meet all functions possessed by the dessert shop, but also resolve the interference caused by the bearing column with unilateral length of 1m for the space. Externally, it should not only reflect the brand effect but avoid the conflict with the surrounding environment as much as possible.

▼从侧入口看室内,viewing the patisserie from the entrance ©偏方摄影



We conceive to form the expression of signalization from our own brand and with the specific geometric shape of “orange” in the space.

The space takes a small-scale simple and open box as basis, takes “orange” as another geometry to embed into the box, and makes it into a new use space by hollowing the overlaps part between the two geometries.

▼室内概览,interior overview ©偏方摄影

▼“桔子”作为另一个几何体嵌入盒子体内,“orange” was taken as another geometry to embed into the box ©偏方摄影

▼室内细节,interior view ©偏方摄影


▼服务台内侧,service counter – internal ©偏方摄影

▼甜品展示柜细部, dessert showcase ©偏方摄影

The dessert exhibition, coffee machine and service counter are joined into a harmonious whole. The bottom internal retreat will form impending horizontal blocks, and then they will cross with the vertical bearing column, to form a new structural body in space, with the sculpt suspended into the air as light as silk ribbon. It not only solves the function demands, increases the third dimension in vision, but also resolves the interference of bearing column for space.

▼室内细部,interior details ©偏方摄影

完成空间的塑造,我们运用灯光、材料和色彩来暗示“NOT SWEET不甜”暧昧与冲突。

After completing the shaping of space, we use light, material and color to imply the ambiguity and conflict of NOT SWEET.

▼天棚细部,ceiling details ©偏方摄影

▼墙面细部,wall details ©偏方摄影


The warm light in the spherical space makes the structural blocks and texture become vague sometimes and clear sometimes along with the change of people’s angle of view through the diffusion generated by the wall surface with orange texture, the space atmosphere will become gentle and ambiguous, to form conflict with the black lava external wall surface.

▼地面细部,floor details ©偏方摄影

▼材料细部,material details ©偏方摄影


When darkness falls, the comparison between orange and black makes the space full of movement, seems ready to come out at one’s call, just like a crystal clear sweet orange.

▼店铺夜间外观,night view of the store ©偏方摄影

▼平面布置图,layout plan ©Geemo Design

项目名称:NOT SWEET 不甜
设计公司:Geemo Design

Project name: NOT SWEET
Program: Pastry
Design firm: Geemo Design
Designer team: Kirin Shi, Eleven Yi, Cathy
Project location: Chengdu, China
Completion time: 2020.06
Area: 47sqm
Photograph: Pian Fang
construction company:NanXiXunYa

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