mrboth – Flagship Concept Store By PRISM DESIGN

A multi-functional chamber

Project Specs


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mrboth’s Story 

以前,mrboth 的会所坐落在上海红坊雕塑艺术创意园区。但因为红坊要重建开发,他决定离开红坊。他失去了红坊,成了一个NOMAD(漂泊者)。

mrboth‘s chamber used to be in the Sculpture Museum at the Red Town, Shanghai. But he has to leave for the Red Town’s renovation plan. He lost his previous settlement, and turned a NOMAD.

▼会所外貌,exterior view of the store


主题 “NOMAD”
Concept ”NOMAD”

mrboth 尽可能地在向远方行驶, 只随身携带行李和旅途中的记忆。他抵达的第一个临时休息地,是上海静安区愚园路546号。不过,他不知道可以留在这里多久。所以他决定创造一个灵活多变的会所。会所要有咖啡厅,酒吧,活动区,发布会展厅,售卖等功能,为了让会所根据不同情况,混合不同的功能,公社用活动家具进行布置。这个布置方案的挑战是:家具单元要高效地移动。因此,他设计并制作了拖车,让它成为长凳和展示台,吊架,黑胶唱片展示柜等,于是他的拖车可以带着多种多样的功能跟随他轻松的去往下一站目的地。mrboth说,人生是一场旅程,旅程是一段人生。我们都是人生的漂泊者,我们都是mrboth.

mrboth packed all of his luggage, along with his memories in his car. Then he started his journey. And the first accommodation he chose was at Yu’yuan Road No. 546,Jing’an District, Shanghai. He does not know how long would he stay there. So that he always needs to be able to get prepared and goes to the next station. As a result, he needs flexibility in his new chamber. Cafe bar, event, showrooms, store etc. In order make a multi-functional chamber, mrboth wants to use movable furniture. The challenge is how to make furniture movable. Clever mrboth designs and produces numbers of trolly for bench, exhibition, hangers, record shelves etc. In this way, he could easily move around with all functions packed in his trolly. Life is a journey, and journeys formed life, mrboth said. We are all Journey in our lives, we are all mrboth.

▼多种功能混合的会所空间,the multi-functional chamber

▼吧台细部,bar details

▼活动展示架,the moving display stands



▼天花板细节,detail of the ceiling

Project Name:mrboth _ Flagship Concept Store
Café&Bar / Showroom /Boutique / Vinyl Store / live space Flexible Mixuse
Address:Yu’Yuan lu 546, Jin’an District,Shanghai ,China P. R.
PostCode: 200040
total floor area:
INSIDE :210sqm
Outside: 160sqm
Total: 370sqm
Design period:Apr.2017 – Jan.2017
construction period:Sep.2017 – May.2017
designed by: PRISM DESIGN
Photographe credit:© Katsumi Hirabayashi
MATERIAL LIST: 1.Brick 2.Concrete 3.old Wood 4.PAINT 5.Steel Mesh 6. Original sculpture panel 7.COPA & COPA Paint 8. Original movable furniture

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