Montessori Kindergarten Beijing, China by ArkA

A village-like community where children and adult could enjoy together.

Project Specs


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Beijing Peninsula Kindergarten is our second cooperation project with Peninsula Education Group. Mixing the Montessori education with the architecture, our designers aim to create a more suitable space and safe environment for the growth of Chinese children, allowing them to play and learn freely and happily.

▼幼儿园教室内空间一览,view of the interior of the classroom

原有的建筑物是一个开放空间,整个大空间分作 4 层。我们的首要任务是根据孩子的比例改造空间。在设计时,我们加入了许多小房屋的设计,这样可以让孩子更具有主人感和安全感。对教室的设计是简约的房屋;图书馆则是一个开放空间,在其中央种下一棵树,好似一一个乡村小镇的广场;走廊设计成多功能的开放空间,孩子们可以便捷地到处活动,这样不仅可以提高他们的社交技能,也便于老师的管理;部分走廊还被打造成为田野的模样,让小朋友们可以体验季节的变化。

▼立面示意图,空间由许多小房屋组成,elevation, the space is composed of small houses

The original building was an open-plan area, with its entire space being divided into 4 floors. Our first mission is to make over the space according to kids’ physical proportion. In our design, we add many small houses which gives the kids a sense of ownership and safety. The design of the classroom resembles a simple house. The library is transformed into an open space with a tree planted in the center, just like the main square of a rural town. Corridors become a multifunctional open space where kids move around freely and play with others, and it is easy for teachers to supervise at the same time. Some corridors are portrayed as fields for the children to experience seasonal changes and roam around.

▼蓝色大楼梯贯通公共空间,blue staircase running right through the public space

▼公共空间,小房屋的设计更符合儿童尺度,如同一个村庄,public space, the design of small houses responds to the scale of children, creating a village-like space

▼从上层俯瞰公共空间,多个小房屋让儿童更有主人感和安全感,view of the public space from upper floor, small houses give children a sense of ownership and safety

▼植物让儿童体验自然的变化,plants help children to understand the changing of nature

一个蓝色大楼梯连接着每层楼,宛如以前人们改造的运河。从整体来看,房屋与楼梯的布置呈现出一幅自然和谐的画面一一- -座沿河搭建的村庄。如村庄一样,蒙特梭利幼儿园也是一个社区,在这里儿童与成人自由交流、互相学习。

A big blue staircase connects every floor, as if it were a canal from the old times. The arrangement of those houses and staircase presents an image of a village built along the river, bringing the kids closer with nature. Like a harmonious village, the Montessori Kindergarten serves as a community where children and adults engage in interacting and learning and enjoy the experience.

▼“种”有一颗树的图书室,带来自然之感,library with a tree in the center, bringing up a feeling of nature

▼公共活动空间,activity space



Meanwhile, an easy and safe design is applied to the doors so that younger kids can also use without worrying about the sharp corners. Large use of windows allows teachers to observe the kids’ activities.

▼门的设计保证儿童的安全,the design of the doors ensures the safety of children


Through the establishment of a free and open space, the kids will be able to study and play at their option and develop their abilities by themselves. In this way, kids learn to become independent and make their own decisions, which we believe will play a significant role in their studies and life in the future.

▼温馨的教室,classroom with a warm palette

▼符合儿童尺度的洗手间,washroom in children’s scale

▼舞蹈教室,dancing classroom

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

▼三层平面图,third floor plan

项目名称: Montessori Kindergarten Beijing
摄影师:Chiara Ye

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