The Wave Apartment by Henning Larsen

A waved waterfront apartment reflects and embodies rolling hills in the surrounding area

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由于全球金融危机而被迫停工了11年之久的The Wave公寓项目已于日前竣工。该项目位于丹麦的瓦埃勒,由建筑事务所Henning Larsen主持设计。

Following an eleven-year construction period interrupted by the global financial crisis, Henning Larsen’s The Wave apartment building in Vejle, Denmark has finally reached completion.

▼项目概览,overview ©Jacob Due

The Wave公寓始建于2006年,由五个连续的波浪形塔楼组成,塔楼沿着瓦埃勒峡湾的水面一字排开,建筑面积14,000平方米,共包含100套公寓套间。然而,2008年,全球经济衰退,导致该项目在仅完成了两座塔楼的建造的情况下,施工过程不得不被迫中止。于是,这两座塔楼孤零零地伫立在水边,揭开了这个未完成的故事的第一篇章。

Construction on the 14,000 m2 complex, consisting of 100 apartments, began in 2006, following an architectural vision of five consecutive wave-shaped towers lining the water along Vejle Fjord. However, the global recession of 2008 interrupted construction after the completion of only two towers. They stood unaccompanied along the waterfront, the first chapters in an unfinished story.

▼公寓由五个连续的波浪形塔楼组成,沿着瓦埃勒峡湾的水面一字排开,the apartment is made of five consecutive wave-shaped towers lining the water along Vejle Fjord ©Jacob Due

尽管只完成了两座塔楼,The Wave公寓的第一阶段仍然引起了国际上的广泛关注,并屡获殊荣。2009年,公寓被丹麦贸易杂志Byggeri誉为“年度住宅楼”;2012年,公寓荣获ABB欧洲杰出建筑师论坛奖(又称绿叶奖)的创新建筑奖;2013年,公寓又斩获了久负盛名的Civic Trust Award建筑大奖,这也是51年以来,丹麦建筑师首次获此荣誉。

Even though only partially completed, the first stage of The Wave drew international attention. The two towers were named ‘Residential Building of the Year’ by Danish trade magazine Byggeri in 2009, followed by an ABB LEAF Award for innovative architecture in 2012, and the prestigious Civic Trust Award in 2013 – The first time a Danish architect won the award in 51 years.

▼街道透视:公寓为住户提供了一个惬意的水滨生活区,the street view: the apartment provides residents with a comfortable waterfront living environment ©Jacob Due

The Wave公寓内有一个开放的公共码头空间,建筑师将其打造成了一个社交和住区中心,使其在充满活力的瓦埃勒水滨持续地散发着魅力。本项目于2015年重新开始施工,剩余的三座塔楼依次完工,实现了Henning Larsen最初的设计构思。五个标志性的山峰屹立在瓦埃勒峡湾之上,The Wave公寓楼代表着建筑层面上对当地传统和地理环境的致敬。

The Wave incorporates an open, public pier – establishing it as a social and residential hub, and an enduring presence in the vitalization of the Vejle waterfront. After construction efforts were re-initiated in 2015, the final three towers are complete – fulfilling Henning Larsen’s original vision. Its five iconic crests rising above Vejle Fjord, The Wave stands as an architectural tribute to local heritage and geography.

▼开放的公共码头空间充当社交和住区中心,the open, public pier serves as a social and residential hub ©Jacob Due

▼起伏的公寓造型为城市留出景观视野,the rolling form of the apartment leaves the city a landscape view ©Jacob Due

“瓦埃勒的周边是连绵起伏的丘陵地带,这在丹麦是十分罕见的,” Henning Larsen的合伙人兼设计总监Søren Øllgaard解释道。“The Wave公寓不仅为瓦埃勒的城市天际线增添了新元素,更反映了周边地区的地形特点。我们认为,该项目的设计将我们的当代设计手法和强烈的当地元素完美地融合在了一起。”

“The land surrounding Vejle is unique for its rolling hills, which are an uncommon sight in Denmark,” explains Søren Øllgaard, Partner and Design Director at Henning Larsen. “We designed The Wave as striking new presence in the Vejle skyline, one that reflects and embodies the surrounding area. We feel our design merges our own contemporary designs with a strong sense of local identity.”

▼波浪形反映了基地周边的丘陵地形,the wave reflects and embodies the rolling hills in the surrounding area ©Jacob Due

▼公寓阳台朝向水面,为住户提供绝佳的水景,the balconies of the apartment building face to water, offering a fantastic water view ©Jacob Due

The Wave公寓的第五座、也是最后一座塔楼已于2018年11月完工。

The fifth and final tower of The Wave were finalized in November 2018.

▼项目夜景,night view  ©Jacob Due

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