New Pepper Mill for Valerie Objects by nendo

A glass pepper mill developed from the mortar and pestle

Project Specs


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该项目是为比利时的家具和家居饰品品牌 Valerie Objects的“胡椒和盐调料罐”项目研发的一个胡椒研磨器。

A pepper mill created for “the pepper & salt project” by Valerie Objects, furniture and home accessories manufacturer based in Belgium.


Pepper mills are typically formatted so dried peppercorns are inserted through the top, and then ground with internal blades by either a rotating mechanism or using the power of the lever.

▼本胡椒研磨器研磨过程手绘,the sketch of working process of this pepper-pestle


However, to enable a finer grinding and to bring out the aromatic qualities, the simple method of a “mortar” and “pestle” was utilized. This device, that was used since ancient times by pharmacists, scientists, and chefs all over the world, was more suited to the project than the typical approach. The object consists of a round glass container filled with pepper that sits on top of a base made from the same material. When used, the dried peppercorns are poured out of the container to the top of the base. The bottom of the container is then used as a “pestle” and its base is used as the “mortar” in order to ground the pepper manually. The container, with its slightly indented central section, is easy to grip, and has a bottom that is thicker than the rest of the body, improving its strength. The ridges on the top surface of the base and underside of the container are a result of rigorous testing to make for an easy pepper grinding.

本胡椒研磨器将在于2019年1月18日在巴黎举行的国际室内装饰品展览会Maison & Objet上进行展出。

This product will be shown at Maison & Objet 2019, an international interior goods/decoration trade show taking place in Paris from January 18.

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