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neon lamps create a colorful American style

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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商业的思考|Business thinking


Nowadays, with the high-speed and high-efficiency of network information, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, especially in the catering industry, it is no longer the time when the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the deep alley.Before positioning the style of the store, the designer first studies the product of the owner, the customers of the audience and the business circle where the store is located. After repeated discussions with the owner, it is concluded that the most suitable solution is to be a space that meets the aesthetic needs of young girls for the popular elements of the present.

▼符合年轻女生审美的欧式门廊,european-style porch that fits the aesthetics of young girls


空间布局|Spatial layout



After reaching a consensus on space style, the design side began to plan the spatial layout. The original building space has four entrances and exits in a small practical area, which has a great influence on the arrangement of the seats and the dining atmosphere of the customers. The designer turned some of the door fans into window displays showing the atmosphere of the guest area, ingeniously turning the disadvantages into advantages. At the same time, the designer considers that both sides of the entrance are the main entrance of customers, the bar and cake cabinet made into a special shape, so that the entrance on both sides are to greet customers.

▼部分的门扇变成了展示客区氛围的橱窗,the door fans into window displays showing the atmosphere of the guest area

▼吧台与蛋糕柜被设计成为异形,使两侧的入口都是迎接顾客的景,the bar and cake cabinet made into a special shape, so that the entrance on both sides are to greet customers

▼室内外就餐空间,indoor and outdoor dining space


设计的思考|Design consider


The designer is considering the specific space form, material and lighting form. Knowing that the predecessor of the building was the Naval Swimming Club of the United States, it was rehabilitated and renovated and reopened as a commercial entity. Designers consider that the area of the store is not large, but want to have enough visual appeal, they decided to use large-scale wire-drawing stainless steel punching plate, with colorful neon lights, stainless steel infection neon colors, whether from the outdoor or indoor to create a colorful American style, the design of the concept center is invited Let’s have an American swimming pool party.

▼拉丝不锈钢冲孔板配以多彩的霓虹灯的异形门框,brushed stainless steel perforated plate with colorful neon shaped frame

▼多彩的霓虹灯搭配, colorful neon mix

▼拉丝不锈钢冲孔板细节,the detail of brushed stainless steel perforated plate


项目综述|Overview the projects


In today’s commercial projects, many owners want their stores to become instant online shop,to pursue more attention to bring more passenger traffic to increase sales. FMD Design Officers want to remind designers and owners that they need to understand the attributes of the location of the product crowds in order to present a comprehensive impressive picture. The project has never been the most suitable design without the best design.

▼吧台摆设细节,the detail of the bar

▼平面图,the plan

摄影:Sam Wu

Design company: Fumu Design (www.fumu-design.com)
Location: Shanghai
Function: commercial space
Area: 45m2
Design time: 2018
Completion time: 2018
Design master case: Zhang Jing
Photography: Sam Wu

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