the display area designed in the shape of caverns to place creative cakes

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In this case, the exterior design adopts a form of urban camping with a better integration of city and nature, which allows people to relax after work in a pleasing scenery. Camping nowadays is more a leading role than just a housing carrier for outdoor sports. “Outdoor aesthetics” and “lifestyle” gain their popularity among urban youths, and the exquisite camping that combines outdoor, camping and urban life appropriately is gradually finding its way into people’s everyday life.

▼城市户外露营形式,urban outdoor camping ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼室外卡座,the exterior seating ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼从户外用餐区看店铺入口,view of the entrance from the outdoor area ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼店铺logo,the brand logo ©鑫空视觉艺术机构


Instead of being limited to the original building structure, the appliance of window displays can increase the interaction between indoor and outdoor areas. Following the style of exterior design, the interior design also tends to present a more natural, rustic and quiet aesthetics, applying materials like clay, micro-cement, wood, metal, acrylic for indoor decoration.

▼入口,the entrance ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼从入口看向室外用餐区,view of the outdoor area through the entrance ©鑫空视觉艺术机构


The fondant is stored in a wall with different sizes of caverns. While adding to the creativity, such design provides space for a diversity of unique fondant. In terms of the lighting, the space is decorated with ambient lighting instead of direct lighting. Ground linear and skirting light strips are used to light up the area.

▼看向入口的视角,view of the entrance from the indoor area ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼室内用餐区,the indoor dining area ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼看向吧台,view of the bar ©鑫空视觉艺术机构


The appliance of good materials contributes to the perfect integration between outdoor and indoor areas. The three sides of the indoor space are made of clay, which ensures simplicity and beauty as well as its integration with the outdoor space. In terms of soft decoration, blue acrylic is chosen and gray blue chairs are used to decorate the space. There are also wood- and iron-made tables as well as glass lamps. In order to provide more space to display fondant, its display area is designed in the shape of caverns to place creative cakes with different sizes. The design remains true to natural elements.

▼洞窟陈列架,display area in the shape of caverns ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼细部,details ©鑫空视觉艺术机构


The design of the bar combines wooden grates and brushed stainless steel, a combination of nature and calmness. The blue acrylic coffee table is of high saturation, making the space more hierarchic.

▼咖啡吧台,the bar ©鑫空视觉艺术机构


In order to increase the mobility at back entrance, a photo wall is set beside the back door to attract guests. There is a concave mirror, in the shape of nine blocks, used to place peripheral dolls of different brands.

▼后门入口,the back entrance ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼后门立面,view of the back entrance ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼细部,detail ©鑫空视觉艺术机构

▼平面图,plan ©杭州民舍制作空间设计工作室

项目名称:Space / 全世甜 MI CASA
项目设计:2020.10.9 完成年份:2020.12.20

客户:全世甜 MI CASA 甜品店

Project Area: 180m²
Project Types: commercial space
Design By: He Zanhui

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