Renovation of the Spassky Bastion and Church Public Square by AER

Using landscape design to restore historical features

Project Specs


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项目坐落于乌克兰首都基辅,全新的景观规划由AER事务所负责,成功地连接了两座极具话题性的纪念碑建筑——救世主教堂(c. XII)以及邻近教堂的Pechersk要塞堡垒(c. XVIII)。在雨季,泛滥的雨水漫过城墙淹没了教堂,而因对教堂的考古研究而对堡垒进行的挖掘工作进一步加剧了洪水的威胁,这种冲突必须通过景观设计来解决。

The new landscape connects the Church of the Savior on Berestove (XII c.) with adjacent bastion of the Pechersk fortress (XVIII c.). The vicinity of two monuments was controversial. Rainwater from the rampant flooded the church. The archaeological research of the church dug a part of the rampart. The conflict had to be settled through landscape design.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Ivan Avdeenko


The project consists of the stone-clad urban square surrounding the church and a small park atop of the bastion. The square around the church had no visitors except a few pilgrims. Bastion, on the other hand, was a quite popular sightseeing viewpoint visited mostly by car. Being completely unsuitable for vehicle traffic, the rampart suffered very much from cars. The new design denies access to the bastion by car. To facilitate the access for pedestrians three new stairs are constructed.

▼教堂广场航拍顶视图,aerial top view of the church plaza © Ivan Avdeenko


Much space around the church is liberated from the sporadic greenery. The anthropogenic appearance of the rampant is restored by sharpening the edges of the hills. A bigger square is cut out of the bastion finally fixing the stormwater flows and granting the church the air it deserves.

▼鸟瞰教堂广场,bird view of the church plaza © Ivan Avdeenko

▼下沉式的广场,The sunken plaza © Ivan Avdeenko

▼广场上的座椅,seating place on the plaza © Ivan Avdeenko


The bastion itself is a giant earth sculpture. This design highlights the man-made form of the rampant by covering in alloy steel the parapet placed along the border of the former fortification. Position and height of the parapet mimics the previously existing bulwark – a wall on which the cannonry used to be placed. To this metal backbone, three new stairs are attached. Stairs are carved into the slope in order not to spoil the continuity of the green slope on the outer surface of the bastion. What interrupts the continuity of the earth rampant is the new church square.

▼堡垒景观概览,overall of the fortress landscape © Ivan Avdeenko

▼城墙边缘的金属护墙还原了历史炮台的位置与高度,The metal parapet at the edge of the rampart recreates the position and height of the historic fort © Ivan Avdeenko

▼护墙强调出历史城墙的轮廓,The parapet accentuates the outline of the historic  rampart © Ivan Avdeenko

▼楼梯与绿地斜坡融为一体,The staircase blends into the green slope © Ivan Avdeenko

▼从楼梯仰望天空,viewing the sky on the stairs © Ivan Avdeenko

▼俯视楼梯,overlooking the stairs © Ivan Avdeenko


The materials used are all of the neutral colors with the exception of alloy steel used to sign the cuts made in the body of the bastion. At night the main source of light in the square is the church itself. All the lighting is directed at it. And from its walls, it is reflected on the square. There are decorative lights built-in the grey granite pavement. The cross-shaped lights are an homage to the long-forgotten function of the site around the church – a graveyard. The parapet line running along the entire bastion is highlighted to emphasize the contour of the rampant in the dark. The interior rusty walls of the stairs are washed with light hidden in the border of the metal panels.

▼教堂成为整个广场上最引人瞩目的光源,At night the main source of light in the square is the church itself © Ivan Avdeenko

▼大理石地面上镶嵌的装饰灯烘托出教堂的庄严,decorative lights built-in the grey granite pavement © Ivan Avdeenko

▼金属护墙上的灯光在夜晚勾勒出城墙的轮廓,The parapet line running along the entire bastion is highlighted to emphasize the contour of the rampant in the dark © Ivan Avdeenko

▼金属护墙与十字形灯具细部,detail of the metal parapet and the cross-shaped lights © Ivan Avdeenko

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © AER

▼平面图,master plan © AER

Project name: Renovation of the Spassky Bastion and Church Public Square
Company name: AER
Contact e-mail:
Location: Kyiv
Completion Year: 2019
Lighting Design: EQUIPA
Manufacturers: Bega, Schréder, Es-System
Photo credits: Ivan Avdeenko

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