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Ten years of planting wood, one year of planting grain, all pay children. – Yuan Haowen


接到本案时想到了元好问的一句诗词 ,所有的付出为了下一代,那么作为设计师的我们怎样创造一个让环境绘人、空间塑本成为了我们对本案的命题。此案空间分为上下2层,设计师用色彩和白色与木色来划分动与静的两大区域。

When I received the case, I thought of a poem by Yuan Haowen. All the efforts are for the next generation. So how we as designers create an environment painting and space sculpture has become our proposition in this case. The case space is divided into upper and lower layers. The designer uses color and white and wood color to divide the dynamic and static areas.

▼一层宴会厅局部及舞台,采用了大面积的几何色块,partial view of the dining area and the stage space on the first floor with a large area of geometric color blocks

▼宴会厅细节,水磨石墙面与色块搭配,餐桌旁的白色丝网确保了视线的通透性,details of the dining area, the terrazzo wall and the color block complement each other, and the white mesh beside the table provides a visual connection


On the first floor, a large area of geometric color blocks is used to make the space dynamic and agile, so that the children can release their creative ideas of painting and stimulate their natural instincts. In the recreation area, it combines the banana sliding device with the hollow lighting shape of ritual sense, and retains the rhythmic childlike interest.

▼一层的游艺区,设有具象的香蕉滑梯装置和空洞灯光造型,the recreation area on the first floor with the banana sliding device and the hollow lighting

▼游艺区局部,partial view of the recreation area

▼通向二层的楼梯空间,the stairs leading up to the second floor


On the second floor, the white and wooden circular geometry presents the peaceful, melting, exploring and stepping of the space environment. The giant ball lights and tunnel-like corridors are used to connect the relationship between the universe and the universe, and at the same time to stimulate children’s association. Large areas of white and wood allow children to return to peace after playing.

▼二层空间,以巨型的球灯和隧道式的过道来联系宇宙万物空间的关系,the second floor space, the giant ball lights and tunnel-like corridors are used to connect the relationship between the universe and the universe

▼二层空间局部,以白色与木色圆形几何呈现空间环境,the second floor space, the white and wooden circular geometry presents the space environment

▼二层的阶梯绘本区,the stepped book area on the second floor

▼阶梯绘本区细节,details of the stepped book area


Designers hope to use the colorful world to draw children’s nature, and use the concept of traceability to stimulate children’s moments of glory.

▼一层平面图(左),二层平面图(右),1F plan (left), 2F plan (right)


Project Name: MEMO Parent-Child Party Reading Club
Building area: 680M2
Main materials: wood veneer, terrazzo, mixed oil wood as props
Design Unit: H.G.S DESIGN
Designer: Hu Qinwei
Participation Design: Leslie Fan and Chen Xuan Ge
Photography: Pu Yan
Completion date:August 15, 2019

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