Renovation of Xiangyang Village Rice Drying Factory, China by Formal Architecture

A starting point for the beautification and revitalization of the countryside

Project Specs


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都市 / 乡村


Xiangyang Village of Jiading District is located at the most western edge of Shanghai. This village faces the borer of Kunshan City in Jiangsu Province. Because of this unique geographic location, Xiangyang Village consists of a variety of farmland and green area’s. Meanwhile the Jiangsu’s boundary, which is only one street away, is highly urbanized because it’s the closest area of Jiangsu near Shanghai.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view


In 2018, ten of the most beautiful villages and one urban Village in Shanghai’s industry area were selected to participate into a pilot project which would revitalize these area’s rigorous. Xiangyang was one of these villages and therefore started the new development. The government of Xiangyang Village and Vanke invited : FMD, YeAs, MIX and HXCM, to design a reception center, a cafe, a communal village center, an office building and an agricultural exhibition center. These five buildings have all been completed and are in use.

▼建筑远景,a distant view to the building Site Photo


内 / 外


FMD renovated the Rice Drying Factory to an agricultural exhibition center. The building is located outside the village in the middle of a large ricefield and is the most tallest building in it’s direct surrounding. Every year this factory is essential in processing the rice in the fields around the village. As a typical agricultural building, the internal layout has been designed with the methology ‘form follows’ function. The building is characterized by a big rigid concrete construction and looks modernistic with a grand interior space.

▼烘米厂内部,Rice Drying Factory




Our first steps in the design process where to go back to the essence of function as a rice drying factory by removing all unnecessary elements. FMD focused in this proces both on interior and exterior. The building became as the original was build a factory again. In the second stage of the design we added a shape on top of the factory building which wrapped as a continuous surface around the existing building. This surface has been designed to lead the visitors from the down in the fields to several platforms provides spaces for a cariety of activities, at the same time standing on the factory give the visitor a bride view of the farm landscape this in strong contrast with the dense cities on the background.

▼楼梯和观演平台将地面的人流引导至屋顶之上,the stairs and the stage lead the visitors to the roof top


厚重 / 轻盈


▼结构分析,structural analysis

▼防腐木屋面构造做法,corrosion-proof roof detail

In order to created a dialogue between the existing factory and the new platform, FMD designed the new shape visually as light weighted as possible. The supporting system of herringbone steel structure was selected as the final structural scheme, taking into account the original structural firmness, the limitations of rural construction technology and the convenience of construction. Two groups of V-shaped diagonal  pillars support the main staircase in the continuous surface, achieving a floating effect.

▼台阶之下,Under The Stairs


We hope through the renovation to provide a gathering point for the activities for the farmers who work in and around the factory. We hope as well that this development will contribute as a starting point for the beautification and revitalization of the countryside.

▼乡村美化和振兴的新起点,a starting point for the beautification and revitalization of the countryside

设计年份: 2018-2018
阶段: 已建成
甲方: 上海亭万企业管理有限公司
功能: 农业建筑、展厅
建筑面积: 780平方米
设计团队:王坚锋,Nico Willy Leferink,杨艺,和丁丁
结构顾问: 上海源规建筑结构设计事务所
摄影: 吴清山

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