MAYS Restaurant, China by DAOSHENG Design

A vegetarian restaurant design that takes the shape of natural plants as an element

Project Specs


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Mature fruits and vegetables presented on the dining table, after four seasons of irrigation, feel the power of nature, to grow sweet warmth of human taste. This case is located in the bustling CBD area of Zhujiang New Town. It is a western style restaurant mainly based on vegetarian meals. Therefore, the designer takes the plant organism as the theme concept, through a certain spatial approach, let the environment and delicacies set off each other, create a dining space as “walking in the woods”, so that busy urban people enjoy the pleasure of nature.



The reason why plants can grow vigorously is that they are supported by their veins, absorb light and heat, and finally present themselves in a mature and attractive form. In order to respond to the theme of the restaurant and endow the space of the case with natural power, the designer takes the shape of the root, branch and leaf of the natural plant as an element, simplifies, derives and creates its shape, constructs a smooth and natural line, and finally forms a new design symbol, thus reflecting a larger imaginary world.

▼设计以自然植物中根枝叶的形态脉络为意象,the design takes the shape of the root, branch and leaf of the natural plant as an element


The design symbols are applied by designers to fully reflect the beauty of nature in space. From the main entrance of the restaurant, first through the open dining area, the seat configuration is mainly wooden tables, the entrance water bar area of the ribbon line device is driven by eye movement, penetration, the device uses stainless steel hard material blended with stretching lines, vaguely depicting a natural scene of clouds rolling water.

▼开放式就餐区,open dining area


As the graceful line moves, it enters the reticulated stainless steel independent dining area. Stainless steel criss cross, like the infinite growth of branches from their own, revealing a vigorous vitality. Lights penetrated through the gap in the mesh, casting interlaced light and shadow, shadowing between light and shadow, like a mottled tree, the wind blowing clouds. In the semi-enclosed compartment, on the shared long dining table, the designer breaks the original frame of the space with hundreds of fiber-optic lamps, hanging down one after another from high altitude, constituting the unique boundless forest in the interior space, so that the light and shadows combined with the outline of the natural forest landscape, interweaving the natural and mysterious dining atmosphere.

▼网状不锈钢独立就餐区,the reticulated stainless steel independent dining area

▼光影错综与自然林景的轮廓结合,交织出自然神秘的用餐氛围,the light and shadows are combined with the outline of the natural forest landscape, interweaving the natural and mysterious dining atmosphere


The overall Restaurant Design and spatial planning have broken the inherent design thinking. Visible modern materials and natural design language complement each other, constituting both creative and modern flavor, but also the comfort of nature space. Apart from enjoying the pleasure of food in the space, guests can experience endless fun in a different Western-style simple meal environment.

▼网状装置细部,detailed view


项目名称:MAYS西式餐厅 – 植韵悦食
设计面积:280 ㎡
Project Name:MAYS Restaurant
Project Address:Guangdong, guangzhou
Design Area:280 ㎡
Design company:Guangzhou DAOSHENG Design co. LTD
Host Designer: YongMing He
Participating Designers:DAOSHENG DESIGN team
Customer Name:Guangzhou zhengu catering investment co. LTD
Main Material:Imitation wood tiles, fireproof plate, stainless steel, clear water wall paint, ammon leather
Photographer: Peng Yuxian
Design time:2017.12
Time for completion:2018.04

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