Apartment Building, Domat by Raphael Zuber

Residential space with extreme simpleness

Project Specs


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The building has five floors with one apartment on each of them. The main space is reached directly from the outside by an elevator and an external staircase, which gives every unit a private character.

▼建筑外观,与周边环境相协调,external view of the building being harmony with its surroundings

▼建筑向内的一侧开横窗,室外楼梯直接通往户内,horizontal windows on the inner facade of the building, outdoor stairs run directly into the main space


The balcony, its loadbearing structure and the different openings create the sensation of experiencing one corner of the building as its center – as the center of a seemingly infinite space. The horizontal window in the main space, being attached on the inside of the wall, gives to this wall the character of an outside facade, creating a close  connection between inside and outside and private and public.

▼主要居住空间,面向内花园的横窗在私密和开放之间找到平衡,main living space, the horizontal window opens to the inner courtyard finds balance between open and private

▼室内采用清水混凝土,不加装饰,the interior is composed of fair-faced concrete without decoration

▼阳台中部设有承重结构,给人以在房间中的感觉,loading structure in the balcony gives people a feeling of being in the center of a room


The construction of the building is radically straightforward, using only common standard products.

▼顶层公寓客厅,坡屋顶和不同的开窗给人以独特体验,living space of the apartment on the top floor, sloping roofs and different openings create unique experience

▼顶层公寓卧室,bedroom of the apartment on the top floor

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

▼标准层平面图,typical floor plan

▼顶层平面图,fourth floor plan

Object: apartment building with 5 apartments
Location: 7013 Domat/Ems, Graubünden, Switzerland
Architect: Raphael Zuber, Chur
Collaborators: David Gianinazzi, Takaaki Murakami
Construction management: Ritter Schumacher AG, Chur
Structural engineer: Patrick Gartmann (Conzett Bronzini Gartmann AG, Chur)
Planning and construction: 2009-16
Photographs: copyright © Javier Miguel Verme / Takaaki Murakami
Drawings: copyright © Raphael Zuber

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