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▼丸井吉祥寺店沿街一侧,street side of the Marui Kichijoji store © Takumi Ota

The Marui Group owns numerous commercial facilities in and around the Tokyo metropolitan area, many of them located in highly convenient locations such as station-fronts. Nevertheless, the facilities were not fully utilized outside the business hours of the store, and so an idea to renovate a portion of the store into a shared residence was considered to utilize the space by switching its purposes between day and night.

▼商业大楼的后部为共享公寓,The shared residence located on the back side of the commercial building © Takumi Ota

▼商店仓库,storage area of the store © Takumi Ota


The shared residence connected to the Marui Kichijoji store, two minutes walk from Kichijoji station.In addition, a laundromat with a cafe corner is provided on the 1st floor, which is also open to non-residents.

▼底层的公共自助洗衣店,laundromat on the first floor opens to the public © Takumi Ota

▼洗衣店的咖啡角与细部,cafe corner and detail of the laundromat © Takumi Ota

共享住宅的名字“MARUI TOCLUS”,代表了“与丸井一起生活”,而Logo则是由丸井集团的logo“01”+“ト(和)”+“房子的形状(代表生活)”组合而成的。其中“房子”轮廓没有完全闭合,而是面向商店开放的,另一侧也略微开放,代表了居民邻里之间的来来往往。

The name “MARUI TOCLUS” (= “to live with Marui”) was given to the shared house, and the logo was designed by combining “01 (= the Marui logo)” + “ト(= with)” +“a house shape (= living)”. The house shape is not completely closed, but open towards the store, and the other side is also slightly open to express the residents and neighbors coming and going.

▼共享住宅入口,entrance of the share residences © Takumi Ota

▼入口门厅与信箱,letter box in the entrance porch © Takumi Ota

▼公共浴室,public shower room © Takumi Ota


It has 43 rooms on the 2nd to 4th floors compactly housing 7 to 12 sqm rooms to reserve a substantial shared area. Residents can enjoy a kitchen-dining space with a terrace facing Inokashira Park, and have free access to the roof floor and employee lounge in the store after hours. They can also benefit from point refund system and discount ticket service available at the shops.

▼天台,terrace © Takumi Ota

▼天台公共用餐区,public dining area of the terrace © Takumi Ota

▼由屋顶看天台,viewing the terrace from the roof top © Takumi Ota

▼开放式公共厨房餐厅,public open kitchen-dining room © Takumi Ota

▼厨房餐厅细部,details of the kitchen-dining © Takumi Ota


The future plans to build more shared houses and other types of housing will allow mutual use of common areas of each property, as well as flexibility for ”easy relocation” according to changes in lifestyle or family growth.

▼公共走廊,hallway © Takumi Ota

▼公共休息室,public lounge © Takumi Ota

▼休息室使用场景,Lounge Usage Scenario © Takumi Ota


With that in mind, the rooms are furnished with essential home appliances and furniture such as refrigerators, while rental services of daily necessities and clothing are provided in collaboration with the sharing business of Marui Group to free residents from excess possession that weighs them down. Moreover, the “foldable container” often seen in store warehouses are useful to move luggage when moving, and can be used as furniture or folded when not in use. Since the rooms are small, the trunk room is made available to store frequently changed wardrobe. To reduce moving costs, each room is equipped with a built-in bed and mattress so that residents only have to bring in minimal bedclothes.

▼房间面积狭小却五脏俱全,The room was small but packed © Takumi Ota

▼住宅房间内配备了冰箱等基本的家用电器与家具,the rooms are furnished with essential home appliances and furniture such as refrigerators © Takumi Ota

▼房间细部,details of the room © Takumi Ota

▼可折叠收纳箱,foldable container © Takumi Ota

建筑立面、窗帘和坐垫织物的图案设计体现了各种房间布局聚集在一起的形象,代表了MARUI TOCLUS包容着不同的生活方式。此外,nendo事务所还为项目设计了带有房屋形状主题的家具和照明装置。

The pattern used for the building facade and curtain and cushion fabrics are designed with an image of houses (lifestyles) in various layouts gathering together, and furniture and lighting fixtures with the house-shaped motif were also designed.

▼吊灯设计,Droplight design © Akihiro Yoshida

▼壁灯设计,Wall lamp design © Akihiro Yoshida

▼咖啡桌设计,cafe table design © Akihiro Yoshida


Along with the short-term merit of effective use of store space, the project demonstrates the long-term vision of Marui Group, transforming store space that was “a place only for selling goods” to “a place to suggest a new lifestyle and community” and consequently vitalizing the neighboring areas.

▼概念分析,concept drawing © nendo

▼功能分析,pictogram © nendo

▼logo设计,logo design © nendo

▼平面样式,graphic pattern design © nendo

Collaborator : mado, umh (interior), kku, hnm, cacdo (graphic)
Photographer : Takumi Ota, Akihiro Yoshida

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