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MANSIONS Hotel is located in Guanyinqiao , Jiangbei District, Chongqing. It is the most popular place for young people in Chongqing. Of course, it also attracts young tourists from other places. However, as a new urban area of Chongqing, Jiangbei District is not exactly like a familiar Chongqing in memory or image. It’s more modern, flatter, tall buildings, and although it’s still noisy, it’s also showing a different picture.

▼酒店大厅,the lobby of the hotel ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信


▼酒店客房的起居室,采用粉红色楼梯和穿孔板隔墙,the living room of the guest room with pink stairs and perforated walls ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店客房的起居室(左),由粉色穿孔板围合而成的楼梯空间(右),the living room of the guest room (left),  the staircase defined by pink perforated panels (right) ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼起居室局部,partial view of the living room ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店客房的卧室,the bedroom of the guest room ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店客房,透过窗户可欣赏到周边的城市景观,the guest room with the view of the surrounding urban environment through the window ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店客房的卧室,the bedroom of the guest room ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼卧室局部,partial view of the bedroom ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

I believe that Chongqing may have its own interpretation for different people. But in my memory, Chongqing is a huge factory. The tall factory buildings and machinery everywhere filled my memory. This kind of memory is wonderful, even fantastic. You can even imagine how magical a mountain city full of factories is. I can even think of Chaplin’s Modern Age. In a deep sense, the deep meaning Chaplin expressed through movies in the 1930s is exactly what we are in. The factories are constantly pushed down and the black-and-white images have long disappeared, followed by tall buildings and seemingly plump colours, which are modern and superficial phenomena of prosperity in most cities today. Therefore, the theme of modern factory was born, and we also want to have a little dialogue with the current city through some expressions.

▼酒店客房的起居室,黑色螺旋楼梯连接上下层空间,the living room of the guest room, the black stairs link the upper and lower floors ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店客房的起居室,采用白色的砖墙饰面,the living room of the guest room with white brick walls ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼从客房的二层向下看,looking down to the lower floor of the guest room ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店走廊,the corridor of the hotel ©言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

▼酒店空间轴测图,axon of the hotel ©简璞设计

▼酒店大厅轴测图,axon of the hotel lobby ©简璞设计

▼空间分析图,the space diagram ©简璞设计

▼客房景观,the view of the guest room ©简璞设计

▼酒店光照分析,the light analysis of the hotel ©简璞设计

▼剖面图,the sections ©简璞设计

▼客房剖面图,guest room section ©简璞设计

▼酒店所在位置,the location of the hotel ©简璞设计

▼酒店下层平面布置图,lower floor plan ©简璞设计

▼酒店上层平面布置图,upper floor plan ©简璞设计

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年11月 – 2019年1月
摄影版权:言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

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