Maapilim Popup Store by Craft & Bloom

A calming corner in bustle city inspired by Grecian rooftop gardens

Project Specs

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▼以希腊屋顶花园为灵感的空间概览,interior view of the space inspired by the convoluted Grecian rooftop gardens

Maapilim is on a mission to create an iconic relaxing experience for New York men. With slow living and wellness in mind, our popup store design is inspired by the convoluted Grecian rooftop gardens – surrounded by serenity, iconic Mediterranean shapes and local herbs. We wanted to create a space for people to enter and feel a transition from one of the world’s busiest retail neighborhoods, NoLita, into a different mode, activating all of their senses. Bringing shapes, materials, scents and local herbs from across the Mediterranean will allow our visitors to get a physical sense of the brand’s essence and values. Take a deep breath and step into a slower-paced state of mind.

▼繁华城市中的快闪店铺外观,exterior view of the popup store in a busy retail neighborhoods

为了确保这一设计愿景能渗透到每一个设计元素中,品牌委托来自特拉维夫的Craft & Bloom进行设计,两家公司都根植于以地中海区域的方式寻求日常生活的和谐与平衡,因此立刻产生了共鸣和友谊。为了最好地模拟这种心理状态并提供一个宁静的环境,Craft & Bloom有意识地使用最简单的材料,集中而非过度刺激人们的意识。内部使用的主要材料为柔和白色的矿物灰泥,这也是希腊建筑的标志材料。商店陈列区没有使用现代陈列通常使用的简单干练线条,而是借助柔和的线条和呈现未完成状态的形状,为顾客创造一个充满亲和力的场景,引领他们进入一种休闲度假状态。硬木地板巧妙地被砾石覆盖,上面铺设柔和白色混凝土板来模拟地中海花园,搭配着Maapilim产品中使用的来自该地区新鲜草本植物,空间中的每一个元素都经过设计师详细研究和探寻其溯源。

To ensure this vision permeated through every design element, Maapilim tapped Telavivian design house, Craft & Bloom. The synergy and friendship were immediate as both businesses are rooted in the Mediterannean way of finding harmony and balance in the everyday. In order to best emulate this state of mind and provide a calming environment, Craft & Bloom purposely limited materials to a minimum to allow the mind to focus and not be over stimulated. The main material choice is a soft white mineral plaster, iconic to Greek architecture. The soft lines and imperfect shapes of the store’s display, creates an approachable scene for customers – inviting them into vacation mode as opposed to the pristine clean lines of more modern displays. The hardwood floors are cleverly disguised with gravel upon which we laid a soft white concrete to mimic a Mediterranean garden, including fresh herbs true to the region that are found in Maapilim’s products. Each element brought into the space has been carefully sourced and researched.

▼内部使用极简材料,塑造宁静的环境,minimal materials provide a calming environment

▼硬木地板覆盖砾石,上面铺设白色混凝土板,搭配产品中使用的新鲜草本植物,the hardwood floors are disguised with gravel upon which laid a white concrete, including fresh herbs that are found in products

▼陈列区域使用柔和的线条和呈现未完成状态的形状,the soft lines and imperfect shapes of the store’s display

▼内部使用的主要材料为柔和白色的矿物灰泥,这也是希腊建筑的标志材料,main material choice is a soft white mineral plaster, iconic to Greek architecture


The lengthy low bench that runs along one full wall of the space further invites guests to sit down and enjoy a moment in a hidden garden amongst the bustle of the city. Here, customers may be testing products, consult with a skin care specialist or to just sit for a moment and enjoy the sounds and smells of the Mediteranean over a traditional coffee.

▼低矮的长凳沿着空间内一整面墙布置,the lengthy low bench that runs along one full wall of the space

特拉维夫陶艺家Avi Ben Shoshan负责创作内部所有的陶瓷元素。他的作品完美地融合了怀旧主题与现代线条。设计师与艺术家一起创作了一套瓷器,不仅外观精美还有助于向顾客展示一种更具仪式感的慢生活方式。空间中的水槽没有使用水龙头,而是用一个漂亮的水罐倾倒水流供人们洗手,这是对希腊洗浴方式的赞颂。为了塑造一种完全沉浸其中的体验,Maapilim与个性化环境音乐应用软件Endel合作,打造了一种有助于减轻压力的独特氛围。

Tel Aviv based ceramicist, Avi Ben Shoshan, was commissioned to create all the ceramic elements in the space. His works sit beautifully on the intersection between nostalgic motifs and modern lines. Together we created a set of ceramics that not only looks and feels beautiful but helps introduce the customer to the more ceremonious approach to slow living. The sink in the space does not have a faucet, but rather a perfectly shaped water jug used to pour over one’s hands – an ode to Greek baths. To create an enveloping experience Maapilim has partnered with the personalized soundscape app Endel to create a stress reducing in store unique ambiance.

▼使用水罐而非水龙头的水槽,向希腊洗浴方式致敬,he sink in the space does not have a faucet, but rather a perfectly shaped water jug used to pour over one’s hands – an ode to Greek baths

▼陶瓷器皿与产品细节,detail of the ceramic elements and products

Further details:
Location: 251 Elizabeth st, Nolita, New York
Launch: April’s 5th
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11am-7pm
Friday-Saturday: 11am-8pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm
SQ footage: 350 SQ FT

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